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Buying shoes can be an exciting experience, but dealing with size conversions can make it a frustrating task. Many of us have experienced the problem of ordering shoes online or from foreign retailers only to find out later that the size we ordered is incorrect.

Don’t worry fellas.! I will explore the realm of shoe sizes in the Philippines and provide tips on measuring your feet accurately at home.

This is a complete guide on the Philippines Shoe Size Conversion Chart. By reading this article, you’ll thoroughly understand your shoe size relative to the Philippines shoe size system. In addition, readers will also comprehend how they can convert their Philippines shoe sizes to other sizes.

So, let’s get started and ensure you find the perfect pair of shoes for your feet in the Philippines.

What Shoe Size Does the Philippines Use?

The US shoe size system and the Philippine shoe size system are equivalent. This implies that you will use the same size reference as you would in the US when searching for sandals, boots, or sneakers.

Because of this similarity, buying shoes has become simpler and easier for Filipinos to do in domestic and foreign markets.

In some shoe brands or models, you might find shoes tagged with both European, US, and UK shoe sizes. So select the shoe size according to the international shoe size chart given below.

Understanding the Philippines’ Shoe Size

Comprehending the shoe size of the Philippines offers a fascinating look into the practical and cultural factors that shape this Southeast Asian country’s footwear policies. The Philippines has effectively incorporated numerous Western customs into its everyday existence. The rich cultural heritage of Caloocan has been greatly influenced by first-world nations, especially the US. As a result, even shoe sizes are part of this blending of cultures.

The Philippines, a country predominately made up of Christians, has accepted Western norms and standards, so adopting the US shoe size system was an obvious decision. Most people are accustomed to the customs of Western nations, and this includes the ease with which footwear can be measured in the same unit.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the Philippines follows the US shoe size system. This alignment guarantees a smooth transition for Filipinos stepping outside their borders, while also streamlining their local shopping experience.

So whether you are in the city of Manila or in New York, do not need to practice any conversion. Your size will be the same in both of these places since US and Philippines shoe sizes are the same, read more here.

Men’s Shoe Size Chart Philippines

The US system is used in the Philippines for men’s shoe sizes. For example, when shopping for shoes in the Philippines, you would look for the same size. if you usually wear a size 10 in the Philippines, then you should get a size 10 in the US as well.

For a better understanding, refer to this size chart.

Philippines SizeUS SizeUK SizeCanada SizeEU SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
332.5334.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.53.533.53522.0 cm8 2/3
443.5435.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.54.544.536.522.9 cm9
554.553723.3 cm9 1/6
5.55.555.537.523.7 cm9 1/3
665.563824.1 cm9 1/2
6.56.566.53924.6 cm9 2/3
776.5739.525.0 cm9 5/6
7.57.577.54025.4 cm10
887.5840.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.58.588.541.526.2 cm10 1/3
998.5941.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.59.599.542.527.1 cm10 2/3
10109.51043.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.510.51010.54427.9 cm11
111110.51144.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.511.51111.545.528.8 cm11 1/3
121211.5124629.2 cm11 1/2
12.512.51212.546.529.6 cm11 2/3
131312.5134730.1 cm11 5/6
13.513.51313.547.530.5 cm12
141413.51448.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.514.51414.54931.3 cm12 1/3
151514.51549.531.8 cm12 1/2
15.515.51515.55032.2 cm12 2/3

Women’s Shoe Size Chart Philippines

In a similar vein, Philippine women’s shoe sizes correspond to US women’s sizes. You can choose a size 7 with confidence when purchasing shoes in the Philippines if you typically wear a size 7 in the US.

Philippines SizeUS SizeUK SizeEU SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
5533522.0 cm8 2/3 cm8 5/6
66436.522.9 cm9 cm9 1/6
77537.523.7 cm9 1/3 cm9 1/2
8863924.6 cm9 2/3 cm9 5/6
9974025.4 cm10 cm10 1/6
1010841.526.2 cm10 1/3
10.510.58.541.526.7 cm10 1/2
1111942.527.1 cm10 2/3
11.511.59.543.527.5 cm10 5/6
1212104427.9 cm11
12.512.510.544.528.4 cm11 1/6
13131145.528.8 cm11 1/3
13.513.511.54629.2 cm11 1/2
14141246.529.6 cm11 2/3
14.514.512.54730.1 cm11 5/6
15151347.530.5 cm12
15.515.513.548.530.9 cm12 1/6
1616144931.3 cm12 1/3
16.516.514.549.531.8 cm12 1/2
1717155032.2 cm12 2/3

Children’s Shoe Size Chart Philippines

The Philippines also uses US shoe size guidelines for children’s footwear. In the Philippines, a size 4 will fit your child well if they wear a US size 4.

Philippines SizeUS SizeUK SizeCanada SizeEU SizeJapan Size

Philippines Shoe Size to UK

To convert Philippine shoe sizes to UK, you need to use a conversion chart. Here’s an example of a conversion chart for both men’s and women’s shoes:

Philippines SizeUK Women’s SizeUK Men’s Size

Is Philippines shoe size the same as the UK?

No, the shoe sizes in the Philippines and the UK are not the same. The US and UK sizing systems are one size different for men and 2 sizes for women. Shoes in the US begin counting at 1, but in the UK, they start at 0. Consequently, a US man size 8 corresponds to a UK man size 7.

Philippines Shoe Size to EU

Easily convert your Philippines shoe size to EU with this shoe size conversion chart.

EU SizePhilippines Women’s SizePhilippines Men’s Size

Is Philippines shoe size same as EU?

US and EU shoe sizes typically differ from one another, and the shoe size system in the Philippines is in line with the US system. It’s crucial to remember that EU sizes are frequently whole numbers, giving them a different sizing standard from US sizes.

Is Philippines Shoe Size Same as US?

Indeed, the shoe sizes in the Philippines and the US are the same. Both locals and tourists benefit from this standardization, which makes shopping easier by enabling them to choose their typical US size with confidence. There is no chance of getting a mismatched shoe as long as the size numbering is correct.

To know more, check out this Philippines to US shoe size conversion chart.

Is Philippine Shoe Size Same as Canada Shoe Size?

Yes, the shoe sizes used in the Philippines and Canada are the same. Because the Philippine shoe sizes are based on the US shoe sizing system, and Canada follows the same sizing system that America follows.

But to avoid shoe-fitting issues, it’s always a good idea to consult a shoe sizing chart before buying any shoe.

Tips for Using the Shoe Conversion Chart

Before referring to the conversion chart, you should know the measurement of your foot. To do so, follow the steps below.

1. Start on a flat surface

Start by placing all of your body weight equally on both feet while standing on a level surface. This is an important step because it allows you to get a more accurate measurement by slightly expanding your feet through pressure.

2. Get a piece of paper and a pen

Put one foot on a piece of paper that has been taped to the ground. Make sure you are standing entirely on that foot and slant slightly forward. This simulates how your shoes naturally spread out. Using a pen, trace around your foot. Do the same with the other foot.

3. Measure your foot

Turn the paper over and measure the heel to the tip of your longest toe. This indicates how long your feet are. To determine your corresponding shoe size, consult the Men’s or Women’s shoe size conversion charts.

4. Determine the width

Using your tracings, measure the width of each foot at its widest point. Note which of the two numbers is larger. With that measurement, deduct about 1/4 inch (1/2 centimeter) to account for the width of your writing instrument.

5. Consult the width charts

To precisely measure the width of your feet, consult the Men’s or Women’s Shoe Width charts. This guarantees that the shoe’s width and length match the specific measurements of your feet.

Common Challenges Philippines Face when Shopping for Shoes Internationally

The Filipinos who have been purchasing shoes from the philippine tend to find problems when shopping for shoes in a different country. I understand that different region uses different shoe sizing system with unique formulas and maths behind them.

However, another complex touch comes with various brands opting for their own shoe sizes. These brands often use size charts that are more or less different from other brands from the same region.

Since the Philippines also uses US shoe sizes, Filipinos will not face any struggle when purchasing shoes in the US. However, if they are in a place where shoe sizes are based on UK, EU, or AU, then there is going to be an issue.

There are certainly size differences when purchasing shoes abroad. In those cases, you can consult the worker in the shop or a podiatrist. Furthermore, looking at the brand-specific shoe size chart will help you eliminate the common challenges during purchasing shoes in a foreign shop.

In Conclusion

It is not difficult to navigate the world of shoe sizes in the Philippines. Knowing that the Philippines follows the US system for shoe sizes allows you to shop both domestically and abroad with confidence.

This alignment makes it easier to find shoes for men, women, or children and guarantees that the next pair you buy will fit like a glove.

If you still have any doubts about the international Philippines shoe size conversion chart, you can ask by commenting below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the most common adult male shoe size in the Philippines?

There is no official data on the most common adult male size in the Philippines. However, the average shoe size of adult males relative to height can be figured out. Check out here

Q2. How do Philippine shoe sizes differ from international sizing standards?

Philippine shoe sizes are the same as the US shoe sizes including the measurement system. Other than that, the difference between Philippine shoes and other sizing standards is the same as US shoes and other shoes.

Q3. How can I accurately measure my foot to find the right shoe size in the Philippines?

Simply place your foot on a piece of paper and trace your foot using a pen. After that, use a ruler to measure the length from the heel to your longest toe. After that, compare your measurement with the conversion chart shown above.


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