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Have you ever worn shoes that are too big or small in size? Yes! Finding the right foot size is very important for a perfectly fitting shoe, otherwise, ill-fitting shoes might lead to a serious foot injury.

According to research, 88% of women and 70% of men wear shoes that are too small. And you also might be a part of this %.

With that in mind, I have made a guide on how to measure shoe size with measuring tape at home that will help you to determine your shoe size accurately. This foot measuring practice will help you to compare your shoe lengths with the shoe size conversion charts.

Note: Our measured shoe lengths in both inches and centimeters will help you to compare with the shoe size conversion charts for ultimate accuracy.

Before we start, let’s know some of the basic shoe sizing terms.

Shoe Sizing Basics: Explained

1. Shoe Length

How to measure shoe size with measuring tape

Foot length is the total distance between the heel to the longest toe. It is nothing but the numerical shoe size length in centimeters or inches. This number will help you to find the perfect fitting shoe. And it is obvious that your both foot lengths are different, so do not get confused.

2. Shoe Width

foot length and shoe size

Shoe width is the total distance between 2 points (shown in the image). Knowing your shoe size width is important for a comfortable and better fit. Most of the brand makes different sizes of shoes such as standard size shoes, narrow size shoes, and wider shoes.

Generally, the width of shoes is presented with letters and groups of letters such as A, B, C, D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, and EEEEE which are also called 4E and 5E.

How to measure shoe size with measuring tape? Step by Step

To get the right shoe size, you need to follow the given steps to measure your feet properly.

Step 1: Grab Some Required Household Things

Measure your Foot at Home

You will need a pen or a pencil, cello tape, two sheets of blank paper, it should be wider than your feet and a measuring tape. It would be better if you take a chair to sit on. If you don’t want the paper to slide, make sure you tape it to the floor tightly.

Step 2: Place Your Foot on the Piece of Paper

You should wear a sock first for the most accurate measurements then put your one foot firmly on the piece of paper. You can also sit on a chair for the next tasks.

Step 3: Draw the Outline of your Foot on the Paper

Outline of your Foot on the Paper

Now, you need to trace the outline of your foot on the paper, it would be better if you took someone’s help. If not, you can do it on your own slowly. Put your entire weight on your foot to ensure accurate measurements.

Step 4: Measure the Length and Width of your Foot

foot size length in cm

Now ye need to use the measuring tape to measure your feet. First, use your pen to make a straight line touching each side of the marked outline. Then use the measuring tape to measure the heel to toe, and note down all the results. Repeat this process with the other foot. These numbers will help you to find the correct shoe size.

Note: Subtract 3/16th from the foot lengths before considering the final results. This is done to adjust the small gap between the line and your foot.

Step 5: Find your Perfect Fit

Compare your foot lengths to the international shoe size conversion or measurement charts. Remember that, men’s and women’s shoe sizes are different. Depending on the brand and country, shoe size charts also differ. So, compare the results with the suitable brand and country.

US Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)
34.52.534.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.5533522.0 cm8 2/3
45.53.535.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.56436.522.9 cm9
56.54.53723.3 cm9 1/6
5.57537.523.7 cm9 1/3
67.55.53824.1 cm9 1/2
6.5863924.6 cm9 2/3
78.56.539.525 cm9 5/6
7.5974025.4 cm10
89.57.540.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.510841.526.2 cm10 1/3
910.58.541.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.511942.527.1 cm10 2/3
1011.59.543.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.512104427.9 cm11
1112.510.544.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.5131145.528.8 cm11 1/3
1213.511.54629.2 cm11 1/2
12.5141246.529.6 cm11 2/3
1314.512.54730.1 cm11 5/6
13.5151347.530.5 cm12
1415.513.548.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.516144931.3 cm12 1/3
1516.514.549.531.8 cm12 1/2

Video on how to measure your foot size using tape measure

What You Need to Know About Shoe Sizing

  • There will always be some differences in length between the left and right foot. So, you should always measure both feet with the measuring tape and select the largest foot for a better and more comfortable fit.
  • It is recommended to measure your foot in the evening as your foot expands during the day. The best time to measure the foot size is in the evening because we will have the biggest feet by evening.
  • Before you trace the outline of your foot, make sure to wear the sock that you intend to wear with new shoes. 
  • There may be differences in shoe sizes between countries and brands. So, it is advised to check the shoe size conversion charts for each country and brand.
  • Subtract 3/16th inch from your foot length for accurate results. It will accommodate the gaps between your foot and the pen.

Conclusion on How to Measure Shoe Size Using Tape Measure

Getting the right fit shoes are very important for your feet’ health because you are either in bed or in shoes so you should move freely while wearing shoes.

If you have any doubts related to how to measure shoe size with measuring tape, then ask in the comment section.

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