US to UK Shoe Size: Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Kids

Are you struggling to convert your US to UK shoe size or vice versa? If YES! You have landed on the right page.

In this article, you will learn how shoe sizes work in the US and UK, the difference between US and UK shoe sizes, US shoe sizing standards, the UK footwear sizing guide, and how you can measure your feet at home to get the right size shoe, etc.

Whether you are from the UK or USA, man or woman, boy or girl, etc. For your ease, I have covered shoe size conversion charts for all genders in this single article.

So that you don’t get confused while converting your US shoe size to UK or vice-versa.

Before we start, let’s understand the US and UK shoe sizing patterns & how US shoe sizes compare to the UK.

Understanding the US Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes are commonly measured using a barleycorn system in the United States. A number indicates the shoe’s length, while a decimal point (e.g., 7.5) indicates a half size. Men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes are all included in the US shoe sizing system, and each has a unique range.

Sizes for men often range from 6 to 18, or higher, depending on the brand and style. Conversely, women’s sizes often fall between 4 and 14.5. Children’s sizes are measured on a separate scale; for example, newborns start at size 0 and grow up to size 13.5.

Understanding the UK Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes in the UK are determined by the foot’s length, measured in inches. The UK also uses the barleycorn system but the measurement starts from 0.  Women’s sizes start at 2 and can go up to 9 or more, while men’s sizes often vary from 3 to 15.

Children’s sizes also follow a similar pattern: newborn sizes begin at 0 and continue up to around 13.5 for older kids. Half sizes are also part of the UK sizing system; they are indicated by appending “half” to the size (e.g., 7.5). In contrast to the US system, the UK uses the same numerical scale for both men’s and women’s sizes.

How do UK Shoe Sizes Compare to the US?

Countries that use US and UK sizing system uses barleycorn as their measurement unit. One barleycorn is equal to a third of an inch i.e. 1/3. However, both sizing systems are not identical because the US starts their size from 1. As a result, US sizes are one size larger than UK shoe sizes. For instance, US size 8 is UK size 7.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both sizing system gets more intricate. There is not much difference in UK0 and UK1, both of them are 12 inches in length.

Apart from the general sizes, we also have to understand different brands use their own touch with the sizing system. The shoe cuts may vary among various brands with different widths. Sometimes, you may also want to go one size up to accommodate the width of your feet.

How to Convert UK to US Shoe Size?

There is one little but important change involved in converting UK to US shoe sizes. To convert from the UK to the US market, or vice versa, add 0.5 or 1 size to your UK size for men’s shoes and 2 sizes for women’s shoes.

This applies to shoe purchases made in the UK and US. For instance, you would probably require a US size 8.5 or 9 if you wear a UK size 8 in men’s shoes. If you typically wear a UK size 6 in women’s shoes, you’ll probably need a US size 8.

Remember that these conversion rules are broad and that different companies may have different suggestions for sizes, so it’s always a good idea to verify the brand’s particular sizing requirements.

To simplify the conversion between UK and US shoe sizes, it’s important to understand that UK sizes are half a size (0.5) smaller for men and two sizes (2) smaller for women than US sizes.

Still, have doubts? check out the formula for shoe conversion:

  • US men’s shoe size = UK men’s size + 0.5
  • US women’s shoe size = UK women’s size + 2

No need to worry if you’re struggling with your shoe size conversions. I’ve got all the charts you need to help you convert your UK shoe size to US, especially when shopping from international brands or websites.

Universal US to UK Shoe Size Conversion Chart

The given international shoe size conversion chart would assist you in converting UK to US shoe size for men and women. Along with that, you can also measure your feet using our step-by-step guide if you don’t know your size.

US Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
34.52.534.52.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.55335322.0 cm8 2/3
45.53.535.53.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.56436.5422.9 cm9
56.54.5374.523.3 cm9 1/6
5.57537.5523.7 cm9 1/3
67.55.5385.524.1 cm9 1/2
6.58639624.6 cm9 2/3
78.56.539.56.525.0 cm9 5/6
7.59740725.4 cm10
89.57.540.57.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.510841.5826.2 cm10 1/3
910.58.541.58.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.511942.5927.1 cm10 2/3
1011.59.543.59.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.51210441027.9 cm11
1112.510.544.510.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.5131145.51128.8 cm11 1/3
1213.511.54611.529.2 cm11 1/2
12.5141246.51229.6 cm11 2/3
1314.512.54712.530.1 cm11 5/6
13.5151347.51330.5 cm12
1415.513.548.513.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.51614491431.3 cm12 1/3
1516.514.549.514.531.8 cm12 1/2
15.51715501532.21 cm12 2/3

US to UK Shoe Size Chart Men

Now you can use the standard conversion formula to get your US size by adding 0.5 to your UK men’s size. For instance, your US size would probably be 9.5 if you wear a UK size 9.

US Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
32.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.5322.0 cm8 2/3
43.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.5422.9 cm9
54.523.3 cm9 1/6
5.5523.7 cm9 1/3
65.524.1 cm9 1/2
6.5624.6 cm9 2/3
76.525.0 cm9 5/6
7.5725.4 cm10
87.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.5826.2 cm10 1/3
98.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.5927.1 cm10 2/3
109.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.51027.9 cm11
1110.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.51128.8 cm11 1/3
1211.529.2 cm11 1/2
12.51229.6 cm11 2/3
1312.530.1 cm11 5/6
13.51330.5 cm12
1413.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.51431.3 cm12 1/3
1514.531.8 cm12 1/2
15.51532.21 cm12 2/3

US Shoe Size to UK Women’s

The changeover is easier for women. To get your comparable US size, add 2 to your UK size. You would probably need a US size 8 if you typically wear a UK size 6.

US Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
4.52.521.6 cm8 1/2
5322.0 cm8 2/3
5.53.522.4 cm8 5/6
6422.9 cm9
6.54.523.3 cm9 1/6
7523.7 cm9 1/3
7.55.524.1 cm9 1/2
8624.6 cm9 2/3
8.56.525.0 cm9 5/6
9725.4 cm10
9.57.525.8 cm10 1/6
10826.2 cm10 1/3
10.58.526.7 cm10 1/2
11927.1 cm10 2/3
11.59.527.5 cm10 5/6
121027.9 cm11
12.510.528.4 cm11 1/6
131128.8 cm11 1/3
13.511.529.2 cm11 1/2
141229.6 cm11 2/3
14.512.530.1 cm11 5/6
151330.5 cm12

International Shoe Sizes: Converting UK size to Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian shoe sizes

There is no singular “Asian” sizing standard, as countries such as Japan, Korea, and China have varying shoe sizing systems. So make sure to refer to this chart to convert your UK shoe size to various Asian shoe sizes.

UK Shoe SizeChinese Shoe Size (CN)Indian Shoe SizeJapanese Shoe Size (JP)Korean Shoe Size (KP)
UK 032019190 mm
UK 0.532.50.519.5195 mm
UK 133120200 mm
UK 1.533.51.520.520.5 mm
UK 234221210 mm
UK 2.534.52.521.5215 mm
UK 335322220 mm
UK 3.535.53.522.5225 mm
UK 436.5423230 mm
UK 4.5374.523.5235 mm
UK 537.5524240 mm
UK 5.5385.524.5245 mm
UK 639625250 mm
UK 6.539.56.525.5255 mm
UK 740726260 mm
UK 7.540.57.526.5265 mm
UK 841.5827270 mm
UK 8.541.58.527.5275 mm
UK 942.5928280 mm
UK 9.543.59.528.5285 mm
UK 10441029290 mm
UK 10.544.510.529.5295 mm
UK 1145.51130300 mm
UK 11.54611.530.5305 mm
UK 1246.51231310 mm
UK 12.54712.531.5315 mm
UK 1347.51332320 mm
UK 13.548.513.532.5325 mm
UK 14491433330 mm
UK 14.549.514.533.5335 mm
UK 15501534340 mm

How to Measure and Find Your Shoe Size at Home?

You can easily measure and find your shoe size without leaving home. Yes! Let us know how you can do this.

Before you start measuring your feet, make sure you gather a piece of paper (larger than your foot), a ruler, measuring tape, a pen or pencil, and your intended socks.

How to measure foot size at home

Follow the given steps to measure your foot size at home:

Step1: Paper Magic

  • Stand on the paper with your heels against a wall.
  • Ask somebody to trace around your foot on the paper (because you don’t need to move)

Step2: Measure Up

  • Use the ruler to measure from your heel (where your foot starts) to your longest toe (the biggest one) by placing the tape measure beside your foot (as shown in the video).
  • Repeat this process with your other foot.

Step3: Compare with Shoe Sizing Charts

  • Have a look at an international shoe size conversion chart to find your perfect shoe size using our measurement guide.

Remember, finding the right shoe size is like solving a fun puzzle. So go ahead, measure up, and get ready for happy feet adventures!

6 Tips for Finding Perfect-Fitting Shoes

Although purchasing shoes online might be challenging, you can improve your chances of obtaining the ideal fit by following these suggestions:

Know Your Measurements: Take precise measurements of the length and breadth of your foot (follow these steps). Based on your dimensions, sizing tables are available from many online retailers to assist you in selecting the appropriate size.

1. Check Reviews

Consumer evaluations can provide important details regarding the comfort and fit of a specific shoe. Keep an eye out for remarks on size and determine whether or not others agree that a certain brand’s shoes run large or small.

2. Examine the Company’s Sizing Guide

As different brands may have different sizing guidelines, it is important to review the particular sizing guide that the company has given. They frequently have this information on their website.

3. Examine the Content

The shoe’s substance may have an impact on fit. For instance, leather shoes have the potential to stretch with time, so you may need to start with a somewhat tighter fit.

4. Measure your Feet in the Afternoon

It is scientifically proven that our feet expand throughout the day. With that being said, it’s a good idea to measure your feet in the afternoon or evening when they are at their largest size.

5. Wear your Intended Socks

You must wear your intended socks while measuring your foot. Why? This will give you some margin in your shoe size so that you don’t get too snuggly fitting. And one more important thing is you should go one size up to give your toes some wiggle room (my personal advice).

6. Look for Return Policies

A flexible return policy might come in handy if the pair you’ve chosen doesn’t fit as intended. Prior to making a purchase, review the online store’s return policies.

Are UK and US Shoe Sizes the Same?

UK and US shoe sizes are technically not the same but they have similarities that make them easy to convert to the other one. Barleycorn is the biggest similarity that both use to measure their shoe size. However, the changes begin when you begin to measure. US sizes start with 1 while UK sizes start with 0.

It’s critical to understand these differences to make sure you’re choosing the correct size, particularly when purchasing online or across foreign boundaries where various sizing standards may apply. Know more here

In Conclusion

Making sure your shoes fit comfortably and stylishly requires knowing the variations between US and UK shoe sizes. Your online shoe-buying experience will be enhanced by understanding the conversion process and taking specific brand variances into account.

Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s, or children’s shoes you need to be well-versed with such a sizing system. After that, you will not face any problems when purchasing your next US or UK shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common doubts that people have about the US and UK shoe sizing systems.

Q1. What is the average UK and US shoe size?

In the UK, the most common average shoe size is 9 for men, and 6 for women, while in the US, it’s 10.5 for men and 9 for women. Over the past 40 years, these averages have gone up by two sizes, perhaps because obesity levels are rising, causing feet to spread out.

Q2. What’s the difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes?

Men’s and women’s shoe sizes are measured using different number systems in the US and the UK, respectively. For men’s sizes, the conversion usually requires adding 1.5, and for women’s sizes, it needs adding 1.

Q3. How does one convert women’s USA shoe sizes to men’s?

The sizing charts of the US and UK for both men and women are different In the US, if you want to convert US women to US men, go 1.5 size down. For example, if US women shoe size 10 then it will be 8.5 in US men. The same goes for the UK shoe sizing system for men and women.

Q4. How does one convert men’s USA shoe sizes to women’s?

In the US, if you want to convert US men to US women, go 1.5 size up. For example, if US men shoe size 7 then it will be 8.5 in US women. The same goes for the UK shoe sizing system for men and women.

Q5. What is the shoe size conversion from UK to US?

To convert UK shoe size to US size, men should add 0.5 to their UK size and women need to add 2 to get their equivalent US size. For instance, if someone wears a UK size 7, their equivalent US size would be 7.5 for men and 9 for women.

Q6. What is the difference between US and EU sizes?

The main difference between US and EU shoe sizes is their measurement. The US uses barleycorns which is 1/3 inch and the EU uses Paris point 2/3 centimeter. The difference is not just the unit of measurement but the length of the unit for both the US and EU.

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