Is UK Shoe Size the Same as US? | Understanding the Differences with Comparison Guide

It is very important to choose the right size shoe for a comfortable fit. If you live in America or UK, you might be confused between US and UK shoe sizes. Do not worry. Scroll down to get solved all of your shoe size-related queries.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the UK & US – Is UK shoe size the same as US? What is the difference between UK and US shoe size? Are they the same or different?

No, UK and US shoe sizes are not identical, they have some differences in size because the US and UK measurement systems are not intuitive.

This is because the average foot sizes of people in the UK and US are different. Generally, there is a minimal difference between men’s (0.5 sizes) and women’s sizes (2 sizes).

Let’s make it easy for you,

  • US men’s shoe size = UK men’s size + 0.5
  • US women’s shoe size = UK women’s size + 2

Let’s understand this with some numbers. A UK men’s shoe size 8.5, corresponds to a US shoe size 9 and UK women’s shoe size 6 would be 8 in the US shoe size chart.

If you still have doubts, we have provided some of the best and most accurate International shoe size conversion charts (US shoe size to UK, EU, AU, India and Canada). You just need to measure your foot length first and then compare the results with the conversion charts given below.

UK to US Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Men

This is the basic international shoe size conversion chart for men. Here you will know how to convert your US shoe size to UK or UK shoe size to US sizes. One thing that you should keep in mind is that shoe sizes differ from brand to brand and manufacturer to manufacturer.

So, it’s always good to refer to a US-to-UK shoe size conversion chart for better understanding.

UK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)
33.533522.0 cm
3.543.535.522.2 cm
44.5435.522.4 cm
4.554.536.522.9 cm
55.553723.3 cm
5.565.537.523.7 cm
66.563824.1 cm
6.576.53924.6 cm
77.5739.525.0 cm
7.587.54025.4 cm
88.5840.525.8 cm
8.598.541.526.2 cm
99.5941.526.7 cm
9.5109.542.527.1 cm
1010.51043.527.5 cm
10.51110.54427.9 cm
1111.51144.528.4 cm

UK to US Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Women

This is the basic international shoe size conversion chart for women. Here you will find shoe sizes for the UK to India, US and the EU in centimeters and inches.

UK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)
2435.5221.3 cm
2.54.536.52.521.6 cm
3537322.0 cm
3.55.537.53.522.4 cm
4638422.9 cm
4.56.5394.523.3 cm
5739.5523.7 cm
5.57.5405.524.1 cm
6840.5624.6 cm
6.58.541.56.525.0 cm
7941.5725.4 cm
7.59.542.57.525.8 cm
81043.5826.2 cm
8.510.5448.526.7 cm
91144.5927.1 cm

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What is the Difference Between US Shoe Sizes and UK Shoe Sizes?

difference between US shoe sizes and UK shoe sizes

There is a marginal difference between US and UK shoe sizes. For men, it doesn’t make a big difference because it is only a half-size difference. It means US shoe sizes are UK size + 0.5

For men: US men's shoe size = UK shoe size + 0.5

When it comes to women, there is a difference between the 2 sizes. It means, if you wear a 7 size in the UK, you would wear a 9 size in the US.

For women: US women's shoe size = UK women’s size + 2

If you are a shoe lover then you might be buying many pairs of shoes from online stores like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, or any other online store then select your size according to this shoe size chart.

How to Measure Your Shoe Size Accurately?

It’s always important to measure your shoe size before buying shoes online. This is because there are only 4 sizes available on the shoe box, i.e. US, UK, CM, and EU. If you have any doubts about shoe sizes then you must measure your feet before you buy.

According to my experience, a centimeter size pattern works best for a comfortable-fitting shoe. This method has helped thousands of my readers and I hope this will help you too.

So, let’s measure the shoe size first. For measurement, you will need a pen, a blank sheet of white paper, and a measuring tape. Follow the given steps:

  • Put your foot on the paper and try to wear socks for accurate measurement.
  • Now, Draw the outline of your foot on the paper using a pen or a marker.
  • Repeat this process with the other foot because many people have some differences between both feet.
  • Now, Measure the distance between the heel to the longest finger of the toe.
  • At last, compare the results with the shoe size charts given above.

Note: Make sure you measure the foot size with socks because this will increase the size by half an inch. This will fill some gaps while measuring.

Final Verdict: Is UK Shoe Size the Same as US

Whether you live in the US or UK, finding an accurate shoe size is very important for a comfortable fit and healthy foot. If you are a shoe lover then you must definitely know how to convert UK shoe size to US size or US shoe size to UK size. This will always help you to find the best one.

I hope you have got your answer related to US vs UK shoe size differences. If you have any queries related to US shoe size and UK shoe size then ask in the comment section given below.

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