Is US Shoe Size Same as India? | Difference Between US and India Shoe Size

Shoe sizing methods and shoe conversion tables vary from country to country and brand to brand. But one of the most common questions is what is the difference between US and India shoe size and Is US shoe size same as India?

No, shoe sizes are not the same in the United States and India, they have some differences in their shoe sizes and the sizes are not directly comparable. Generally, for men, the size difference is only 0.5 (half) size and for women, it is about 2 sizes.

Therefore, a US men’s shoe size 8 would be 8.5 in India, and a US women’s shoe size 7 to an Indian women’s shoe size 9. For instance, a woman who wears a shoe size 8 in the United States will wear a size 6 in India. We will discuss them in detail in the US to India shoe conversion chart.

The United States does not follow other countries’ size charts, the US has its own shoe measurement system called the “Brannock Device Method” which calculates the length and width of the foot and converts those measurements into a shoe size.

In India, UK shoe measurement system is used to find the shoe size. In this method, the length of the heel to the widest point of the toe is calculated in centimeters and then convert to the shoe size. Read the complete article to know the US and India shoe size differences and a step-by-step guide to measuring your feet size with a measuring tape.

US Shoe Size to India Size Chart (Men, Women): Conversion Table

To convert a US shoe size to an Indian shoe size, you can use a global shoe size conversion chart. Keep in mind that these charts are only estimates, and it is always best to try on shoes to ensure the best fit.

US Men’s ShoeUS Women’s ShoeUK Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Inches)Foot Lenght (CM)
3.5533358 2⁄322.0 cm 5⁄622.4 cm
4.564436.5922.9 cm 1⁄623.3 cm
5.575537.59 1⁄323.7 cm 1⁄224.1 cm
6.5866399 2⁄324.6 cm 5⁄625.0 cm
7.5977401025.4 cm 1⁄625.8 cm
8.5108841.510 1⁄326.2 cm
910.58.58.541.510 1⁄226.7 cm
9.5119942.510 2⁄327.1 cm
1011.59.59.543.510 5⁄627.5 cm
10.5121010441127.9 cm
1112.510.510.544.511 1⁄628.4 cm
11.513111145.511 1⁄328.8 cm
1213.511.511.54611 1⁄229.2 cm
12.514121246.511 2⁄329.6 cm
1314.512.512.54711 5⁄630.1 cm
13.515131347.51230.5 cm
1415.513.513.548.512 1⁄630.9 cm
14.51614144912 1⁄331.3 cm
1516.514.514.549.512 1⁄231.8 cm

How are US Shoe Sizes Measured?

How are US Shoe Sizes Measured

US shoe sizes are determined by measuring the length of the heel to the widest point of the toe. Let’s know how to measure feet size with a measuring tape:

  1. You will require a pencil, a measuring tape, and a blank sheet of paper wider than your feet.
  2. Sit on a chair and place your foot on the paper, make sure to wear a sock that you want to wear with your new shoe.
  3. Now, draw and trace the outline of your foot. It will be better if you take someone’s help. Repeat this process with the other foot because there is a difference in size between the two feet.
  4. Take measurements of the heel to the largest part of the toe with the measuring tape. Do this step with both feet as results may vary.
  5. Compare the results with the US-to-India shoe size conversion chart given above.

Following all the steps will help you to find the perfect shoe size for yourself. According to me, measuring foot length in centimeters would give you accurate results for your feet.

Note: Always try to measure feet in the evening as our feet expand throughout the day. In the evening, we have the largest feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What is the difference between US and India shoe size

Q1. How do you convert US shoe size to India?

US use different sizing patterns compared to India. When converting US shoe size to India, there is a small difference between men’s and women’s sizes. Generally, a man should subtract half a size from the US size to arrive at the perfect Indian shoe size. Women subtract 2. Make sure to check the shoe size conversion chart for accurate results.

Q2. What is the difference between US and UK shoe sizes?

US and UK shoe sizes are not the same, UK shoe sizes run smaller than the US. This is because the UK has its own measurement guide which is followed by India. And when it comes to India, UK, and Indian sizes are identical. Know more about US vs UK footwear sizes.

Q3. What is my US shoe size?

Want to buy a brand new shoe for yourself and don’t know your shoe size? Don’t worry! No matter where you live in this world, we have made a US shoe conversion chart to India, UK, EU, Japan, Australia and China. Make sure to read this complete article.

Final Verdict: Is US shoe size same as India

You should always use a shoe size conversion chart while buying shoes online. You should keep in mind that these conversion shoe charts are only estimates, and it is always best to try on shoes to confirm the best fit. But if you are buying shoes online, you have no choice.

If someone asks you “Is US shoe size same as India?”, explain them and share this article with that person.

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