Is UK and India Shoe Size Same? You Need To Know!

Each country has its own shoe sizing guide and conversion charts but one of the most frequently asked questions Is UK and India shoe size same if not then what is the difference between UK and India shoe size?

Yes, UK and Indian shoe sizes are the same and there is no difference in shoe sizes between Indians and Brits (UK), they are exactly the same.

So, UK shoe size = Indian shoe size

India does not have its own footwear sizing pattern. Therefore, Indian shoe manufacturers measure shoes based on UK measurements. For instance, the UK shoe size 8 would also be equivalent to the Indian shoe size 8, check our UK to India shoe size conversion chart to find more information.

Hope your all doubts are clear now, Let’s see some of the common questions asked by people such as how to measure foot size at home, the conversion of shoe size from UK to India and how do I know my UK shoe size etc.

How to Measure Your Foot for Ordering Shoes Online?

How to measure foot size at home

When you buy shoes online, first you need to have your foot size measured then you can select the right shoe for yourself.

Follow the given steps to measure your foot size at home:

  • Step 1: You will need a blank sheet of paper, a pen and measurement tape. Place your left foot on the paper and mark the extreme end of the heel and toe.
  • Step 2: Measure the distance between two ends heel to toe, and then repeat the process for the other foot.
  • Step 3: Determine the length of 2 ends and compare the results with the shoe size chart given below.

It is recommended that you measure the foot size in centimetres since foot length in centimetres would give you the exact result. Refer to this video guide for more information

UK Shoe Size to Indian Shoe Size Chart: UK to India Shoe Size

Easily convert your UK shoe size to India or India shoe size to UK shoe size with this shoe size conversion chart.

UK shoe sizeIndian shoe sizeUS Men’s shoeUS Women’s shoeEU shoe sizeFoot Lenght (centimetre)
333.553522.0 cm
3.53.545.535.522.4 cm
444.5636.522.9 cm
4.54.556.53723.3 cm
555.5737.523.7 cm
5.55.567.53824.1 cm
666.583924.6 cm
6.56.578.539.525.0 cm
777.594025.4 cm
7.57.589.540.525.8 cm
888.51041.526.2 cm
8.58.5910.541.526.7 cm
999.51142.527.1 cm
9.59.51011.543.527.5 cm
101010.5124427.9 cm
10.510.51112.544.528.4 cm
111111.51345.528.8 cm
11.511.51213.54629.2 cm
121212.51446.529.6 cm

How do I know my UK shoe size?

Indian shoe sizes are similar to UK shoe sizes. India and UK have the same units of measurement to measure shoe size. But sizes are not the same for all countries, there is a half-size difference between men’s US sizes and 2 size difference in women’s US sizes.

For instance, If you are 6 UK then you would be 6.5 size in US for men and 8 size in US for women.

What is Indian foot size in UK? Assuming you are an 8 size in the UK, you will be exactly an 8 in India, but when converted to the US you would be 8.5 for men and 10 for women.

Must know: US Shoe Size to India Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Kids

Conclusion: Is UK and India shoe size same

In this article, we have seen how Indian and UK shoe sizes are exactly the same. There is no size difference between such countries but when it comes to the UK shoe size to the US, shoe sizes vary. UK and US countries have different measurement patterns.

See the conversion table to find the right size for yourself. If you have any questions related to ” Is UK and India shoe size same” then ask in the comment section given below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Is UK and Indian Shoe Size Same

Q1. How to measure Indian shoe size in UK?

Measuring Indian shoe size in the UK is easy as India does not have its own footwear sizing pattern, it follows the UK size measurements. Therefore, you can take the reference of the UK size chart while measuring Indian shoe size.

Q2. Is UK and US shoe size the same?

No, UK and US shoe sizes are not the same but they are close to the same for men. UK sizes are US size + 0.5 for men and +2 for women. For example, A UK men’s shoe size 8 would be 8.5 in the US and Size 6 in the UK would be equivalent to size 10 in the US for women. Read more about US and UK shoe size patterns.

Q3. What is the difference between UK and India shoe size?

There is no difference between Indian and UK shoe sizes, footwear sizes are exactly the same. So you need not worry about it. But when it comes to the US and Italy shoe sizes, they are not the same. Their measurements are different because Italy and the US follow different sizing patterns.

Q4. What is the equivalent Indian shoe size 9 for the UK?

The Indian shoe size 9 will convert into 9 in the UK for both men and women as Indian shoe sizes are similar to UK shoe sizes. Therefore, Indian shoe size 9 = UK shoe size 9.

Q5. What are the most common men and women shoe sizes in India?

Generally, common shoe sizes are different for men and women. For men, the common size lies between 7 to 8 and 6 to 7 for women.

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