US Shoe Size Chart to Philippines: Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Kids

Finding the correct shoe size is essential to maintain good foot health. When it comes to shoe size conversion, you can easily convert US shoe size chart to Philippines for men, women, and kids.

The Philippines has a unique blend of Asian, Spanish, and American cultures. Regarding shoe size measurements, the Philippines uses the American shoe measurement pattern and system, which means there is no difference between US and Philippines shoe sizes. They are exactly the same.

So, if you are a US man or woman shopping in the Philippines or outside, you can rely on US shoe sizes as they are identical. To solve all your queries, please read this article thoroughly.

In this article, we will see mens and womens shoe size conversion Philippines to US, Philippines to EU, India or UK. We will also see how you can measure foot size at home with a few simple steps.

Let’s dive into charts!

Shoe Size Conversion for Women’s Philippines to US

Easily convert your shoe size chart Philippines to US with this shoe size conversion chart.

PhilippinesUSEUUK/IndiaFoot Length
Foot Length
5535322.0 cm8 2⁄3
5.55.535.53.522.4 cm8 5⁄6
6636.5422.9 cm9
6.56.5374.523.3 cm9 1⁄6
7737.5523.7 cm9 1⁄3
7.57.5385.524.1 cm9 1⁄2
8839624.6 cm9 2⁄3
8.58.539.56.525.0 cm9 5⁄6
9940725.4 cm10
9.59.540.57.525.8 cm10 1⁄6
101041.5826.2 cm10 1⁄3
10.510.541.58.526.7 cm10 1⁄2
111142.5927.1 cm10 2⁄3
11.511.543.59.527.5 cm10 5⁄6
1212441027.9 cm11
12.512.544.510.528.4 cm11 1⁄6
131345.51128.8 cm11 1⁄3
13.513.54611.529.2 cm11 1⁄2
141446.51229.6 cm11 2⁄3
14.514.54712.530.1 cm11 5⁄6
151547.51330.5 cm12

The Philippines and US shoe sizes are exactly the same, so you don’t need a Philippine shoe size chart to US. For instance, a US women’s shoe size 8, corresponds to a Philippines size 8. Hence, you don’t need a conversion chart.

Shoe Size Conversion for Women's Philippines to US

But if you are still confused, make sure to consult the Philippines shoe size conversion chart.

Men’s Shoe Size Philippines to US

PhilippinesUSEUUK/IndiaFoot Length
Foot Length
3334.52.521.6 cm8 1⁄2
3.53.535322.0 cm8 2⁄3
4435.53.522.4 cm8 5⁄6
4.54.536.5422.9 cm9
55374.523.3 cm9 1⁄6
5.55.537.5523.7 cm9 1⁄3
66385.524.1 cm9 1⁄2
6.56.539624.6 cm9 2⁄3
7739.56.525.0 cm9 5⁄6
7.57.540725.4 cm10
8840.57.525.8 cm10 1⁄6
8.58.541.5826.2 cm10 1⁄3
9941.58.526.7 cm10 1⁄2
9.59.542.5927.1 cm10 2⁄3
101043.59.527.5 cm10 5⁄6
10.510.5441027.9 cm11
111144.510.528.4 cm11 1⁄6
11.511.545.51128.8 cm11 1⁄3
12124611.529.2 cm11 1⁄2
12.512.546.51229.6 cm11 2⁄3
13134712.530.1 cm11 5⁄6
13.513.547.51330.5 cm12
141448.513.530.9 cm12 1⁄6
14.514.5491431.3 cm12 1⁄3
151549.514.531.8 cm12 1⁄2
Men's Shoe Size Philippines to US

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Is US and Philippines Shoe Size the Same?

Yes, US shoe sizes are the same as the Philippines shoe sizes. The Philippines uses the same shoe measurement system as the United States. Hence, there is no conversion for the Philippines shoe size to the US shoe size. For example, 9 US shoe size would be equivalent to 9 in the Philippines.

When it comes to the US shoe sizing system, shoes are measured based on the length of the foot in inches or centimeters. In the Philippines shoe sizing system, foot length is also measured by the millimeters also. Still, have doubts? read the full guide on US shoe size vs Philippines.

No need to worry, makes sure you check our conversion charts given above.

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Conclusion on US Shoe Size Chart to Philippines

It’s important to note that different shoe brands and manufacturers may have some differences in their shoe sizes, even within the same country or size system. This is due to the design, model, manufacturing process and material used.

So, if someone asks you what is the difference between US shoe size chart to Philippines? Share this article with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is US size 7 in Philippines?

A US 7 shoe size corresponds to the Philippines shoe size 7 for both men and women. US shoe sizes are exactly the same as the Philippines, there is no shoe size difference between the countries. See our conversion chart.

Q2. What is shoe size 40 in the Philippines?

What is the EU size 40 in the Philippines? An EU 40 shoe size would be equivalent to a US men’s shoe size 7.5 and US women’s shoe size 9. Refer to our conversion chart.

Q3. What is the conversion of Philippines shoe size 8 to US shoe size?

First of all, there is no conversion required, because both countries use the same shoe measurement system. So, a US 8 shoe size would be equivalent to the Philippines’ shoe size 8.

Q4. Size 9 shoes Philippines to US

What is US size 9 in the Philippines? a US shoe size 9 would be equal to 9 size in the Philippines for both men and women. Make sure to check one of our shoe size conversion charts.


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