Is US Shoe Size Same as Philippines? A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Is US shoe size same as Philippines? Do you know the US and Philippines shoe sizing patterns and differences?

Yes, US and Philippines shoe sizes are the same, and their shoe measurement pattern is also the same. It means you can buy US size shoes without any fitting issues. For example, if you are 8 size in the US, after conversion, you are also 8 in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, most cultural behavior is influenced by first-world countries, especially the United States, UK, and Canada. So they follow most of the things from them.

Let’s make it easy for you,

  • Men’s Philippines shoe size = Men’s US shoe size
  • Women’s Philippines shoe size = Women’s US shoe size

In this blog article, we will see the US to Philippines shoe size conversion chart for different Asian countries like the UK, Italy/EU, and Canada. We will also see standard shoe size in Philippines and some common shoe size-related questions.

Men’s US Shoe Size To Philippines Shoe Size Conversion Chart

To convert the US shoe size to the Philippines shoe size, you don’t have to do anything because both countries’ shoe sizes are identical. For instance, a 7 US shoe size would be exactly 7 in the Philippines, you can see and compare the sizes with the conversion chart given below.

us shoe size to philippines shoe size
US Shoe SizePhilippines Shoe Size India/UK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Inches)Foot Lenght (CM)
443.535.58 5⁄622.4 cm
4.54.5436.5922.9 cm
554.5379 1⁄623.3 cm
5.55.5537.59 1⁄323.7 cm
665.5389 1⁄224.1 cm
6.56.56399 2⁄324.6 cm
776.539.59 5⁄625.0 cm
7.57.57401025.4 cm
887.540.510 1⁄625.8 cm
8.58.5841.510 1⁄326.2 cm
998.541.510 1⁄226.7 cm
9.59.5942.510 2⁄327.1 cm
10109.543.510 5⁄627.5 cm
10.510.510441127.9 cm
111110.544.511 1⁄628.4 cm
11.511.51145.511 1⁄328.8 cm
121211.54611 1⁄229.2 cm
12.512.51246.511 2⁄329.6 cm
131312.54711 5⁄630.1 cm
13.513.51347.51230.5 cm
14413.548.512 1⁄630.9 cm
14.514.5144912 1⁄331.3 cm
151514.549.512 1⁄231.8 cm
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Women’s US Shoe Size To Philippines Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US Shoe SizePhilippines Shoe Size UK/India Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Lenght (Inches)Foot Lenght (CM)
553358 2⁄322.0 cm 5⁄622.4 cm
66436.5922.9 cm 1⁄623.3 cm
77537.59 1⁄323.7 cm 1⁄224.1 cm
886399 2⁄324.6 cm 5⁄625.0 cm
997401025.4 cm 1⁄625.8 cm
1010841.510 1⁄326.2 cm
10.510.58.541.510 1⁄226.7 cm
1111942.510 2⁄327.1 cm
11.511.59.543.510 5⁄627.5 cm
121210441127.9 cm
12.512.510.544.511 1⁄628.4 cm
13131145.511 1⁄328.8 cm
13.513.511.54611 1⁄229.2 cm
14141246.511 2⁄329.6 cm
14.514.512.54711 5⁄630.1 cm
15151347.51230.5 cm

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Conclusion on the Philippines to US Shoe Size Chart

It is important to note that, there are differences in footwear sizes based on your gender because men’s and women’s feet are different in size. That’s why we have a difference of 2 sizes in men’s and women’s shoes.

If someone asks you is US shoe size same as Philippines? then you can easily explain to them both countries’ shoe sizes are similar with no differences in measurement units.

For further assistance, refer to this very famous shoe size conversion chart (For men, women, kids & toddlers) for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Still, if you have any shoe size-related doubts then ask in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer your all queries.

Check these shoe size charts: American shoe size conversion charts (For men, women & kids)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is US size 8 in shoes same as Philippines?

Yes, US shoe size 8 would be equivalent to size 8 in the Philippines as US and Philippines shoe sizes are the same. How do we know this? refer to this shoe size conversion chart.

Q2. What is the standard shoe size in Philippines?

Various factors like age, weight and foot conditions determine shoe sizes. there is no official evidence but according to Healthline studies, the average Philippines shoe size for men is typically between 9 and 12.

Q3. What is size 7 Philippines in US?

The Philippines 7 will be exactly 7 in the United States, there is no comparison between US, Philippines and Canadian shoe sizes. No matter where you are or where you plan to buy shoes, just refer to our international footwear size conversion chart.

Q4. What is US size 9 in Philippines?

Shoe size depends on gender and type of shoe, but in this case, a US size 9 will be equivalent to a 9 Philippines shoe size.

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