Is US Shoe Size Same as Australia? All You Need to Know!

It is very important to know your correct shoe size to ensure a good fit. Shoe sizes differ with brands, styles, and countries. And today, in this blog, we are going to see “Is US shoe size same as Australia and what is the difference between US and Australian shoe size?”

Yes, Australian women’s shoe sizes are the same as United States, they have no differences but when it comes to men’s, they are the same as UK men’s sizes.

Let’s make it easy for you,

  • AU Women’s shoe sizes = US women’s shoe sizes
  • AU Men’s shoe sizes = UK men’s shoe sizes

If you still wonder, what is the difference between US and Australia shoe size then don’t worry! I have explained this in detail with easy shoe size conversion charts. But in general, Women’s footwear sizes are similar to the US size but for AU men, shoe sizes are similar to UK men’s.

Women’s US Shoe Size to Australia Shoe Size Chart

AU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
4435.5222821.3 cm
4.54.536.52.523121.6 cm
5537323522.0 cm
5.55.537.53.523922.4 cm
6638424122.9 cm
6.56.5394.524523.3 cm
7739.5524823.7 cm
7.57.5405.525024.1 cm
8840.5625424.6 cm
8.58.541.56.525725.0 cm
9941.5726025.4 cm
9.59.542.57.526425.8 cm
101043.5826726.2 cm
10.510.5448.527026.7 cm
111144.5927327.1 cm

You can see the above Women’s US shoe size to Australia. Australian shoe sizes are the same as US shoe sizes for women only (shown in the chart). What is a US size 7 shoe in Australia? A US shoe size 7 would be equivalent to an AU size 7 which is 23.7 cm in foot length for women.

Suppose, you are buying shoes from a UK-based store, then go down 2 sizes. If you are an 8 in Australia then your feet would fit in the UK size 6.

Men’s Shoe Size Chart Australia to US

AU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
333.53521922.0 cm
3.53.5435.522422.2 cm
444.535.522822.4 cm
4.54.5536.523122.9 cm
555.53723523.3 cm
5.55.5637.523923.7 cm
666.53824124.1 cm
6.56.573924524.6 cm
777.539.524825.0 cm
7.57.584025025.4 cm
888.540.525425.8 cm
8.58.5941.525726.2 cm
999.541.526026.7 cm
9.59.51042.526427.1 cm
101010.543.526727.5 cm
10.510.5114427027.9 cm
111111.544.527328.4 cm

You can see the above Men’s Shoe Size Chart Australia to US. We know that AU men’s shoe size is similar to UK men’s shoe size. Let’s understand this with an example. 8 US shoe size for men would correspond to 7.5 in Australia and UK. As Australian and UK shoe sizes are the same for men. Understand the conversion chart given above.

Suppose, if you are buying shoes from a US-based store, then you need to go half size more to get the right fit. So, if you’re a 10 in Australia, you’ll be a 10.5 in the US.

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How Shoe Sizes are Measured in US and Australia?

shoe size measurement tool, foot size measurement tool

Both countries use different shoe sizing systems. In the united states, a “Brannock Device” is used to measure the foot length. This tool is specifically designed to measure the length, width, and arch length of the foot.

When it comes to Australian shoe sizing, typically shoe sizes are measured with a foot ruler or a tape measure based on the length of your foot in centimeters.

However, there can be some variation between countries, brands, styles, and types of shoes. So, it’s always better to check the shoe size conversion chart provided by the manufacturer or retailer to ensure that you are getting the right size.

I have explained all the common questions related to US vs Australia shoe size, make sure to read this blog further.

Final Verdict: Is US shoe size same as Australia

Shoe sizes differ with brands, styles, and countries so without knowing shoe size charts, you might end up buying the wrong size of shoes. So, it is best to take the reference of conversion charts before making any shoe purchase.

Australian shoe sizes are actually surprisingly similar to US shoe sizes for women, and for men, Australian shoe sizes are similar to the UK shoe sizes. Generally, AUS men’s sizes are about 2 sizes bigger than women’s.

Now, I hope your query on the US vs Australian shoes sizes is solved. Make sure to share this article with your friends and shoe lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions: US vs Australia Shoe Size

Q1. Is Australia and America similar in size?

No, they are not the same for men. US and Australian shoe sizes are the same for women only but for men, AU shoe sizes are similar to UK men’s sizes. So it’s not accurate to say that Australia and the United States have similar shoe measurement patterns. It’s best to refer to a shoe size chart provided above for better understanding.

Q2. Do shoe sizes go by Inches?

No, they don’t go by inches, but they can be measured in inches. But generally countries like US, UK, and EU use the standard sizing system that allows them to take the help of shoe size charts. Generally, feet size is calculated in Inches or centimeters by using a measurement tape.

Q3. Do shoe sizes vary by brand?

Yes, shoe sizes can vary by brand. Different shoe brands and companies may fit you differently. So it’s always recommended to try on shoes before buying from a particular brand. But you have no option when buying online. In this case, check out the shoe size chart provided above. Also, check the shoe size chart from a specific manufacturer you intend to buy.

Q4. How do men’s shoe sizes compare to women’s?

The size difference between men and women in Australia is approximately 2 sizes, which means men’s sizes are 2 sizes bigger than women’s. For instance, 8 Australian women’s size would be equal to 6 men’s size. It might be confusing for you, make sure to check the shoe size chart provided above.

Q5. Does shoe size determine height?

No, Shoe size does not determine the height. These two things are not directly related. Shoe size is the measurement of the foot length whereas height is a measurement of the distance from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. According to livstrong, it is considered that taller people have the large feet and vice versa.

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