US Shoe Size to India Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Kids (Find Your Perfect Fit)

Do you know that Indian shoe sizes differ from US shoe sizes? Yes! That’s why we need a shoe conversion chart to convert US shoe size to India size charts. You can easily find and convert shoe sizes for different countries (India, US, UK, EU, and International Sizes) for men, women, and kids.

Last year, One of my friends visited India from the USA. He came here to explore Vrindavan, Mathura. His shoes were mismanaged by the temple staff and he could not get his shoes back. He went to a local shop to buy a pair of shoes but got confused about sizing. Then, we searched on Google and unfortunately, we didn’t get a solution for our problem.

One of the knowledgeable shopkeepers told us that the US shoe size is bigger than the Indian by half (1/2) for men and 2 for women. Then I decided to share this important information on Google so that every US people get to know when stuck buying shoes in India.

Tourism is one of India’s most famous industries and various tourist attractions can be found in different Indian states. So we can say Indian culture attracts tourists from around the world.

But there is a problem, 

Travelers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and European countries mainly face the problem of shoe size conversion when they visit India. They don’t know the difference between them and how to convert Indian shoe sizes to US shoe sizes and are stuck in footwear conversion sizes.

No need to worry, in this article I will explain how shoe sizes work in India and what is the difference between US and Indian shoe sizes. Are they the same?

Let’s make it easy for you,

  • US men’s shoe size = India men’s shoe size + 0.5
  • US women’s shoe size = India women’s shoe size + 2

Let’s understand this with the help of different shoe size conversion charts for men, women and kids (A complete shoe sizing guide).

How to Find Your US to India Shoe Size?

To find your correct US to India shoe size, you must know the length of your foot (Inches or CM). You can easily measure your foot size by checking this article on how to measure your foot size at home.

Once you measure & record your foot length, compare the measurements with the US shoe size conversion chart to find the suitable shoe size for you.

See this shoe size conversion chart:

us shoe size to India
Note: Please keep in mind that these shoe sizes are approximate, and they work for the majority of shoe brands. Some brands and styles may vary. So, it is recommended to check the particular brand shoe size chart.

Indian Shoe Size to US Women’s

This is the chart showing Indian shoe size to US women’s. You can easily convert your US shoe size to Indian Women’s with this shoe size conversion chart.

US Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
4.52.534.52.521.6 cm8 1⁄2
5335322.0 cm8 2⁄3
5.53.535.53.522.4 cm8 5⁄6
6436.5422.9 cm9
6.54.5374.523.3 cm9 1⁄6
7537.5523.7 cm9 1⁄3
7.55.5385.524.1 cm9 1⁄2
8639624.6 cm9 2⁄3
8.56.539.56.525.0 cm9 5⁄6
9740725.4 cm10
9.57.540.57.525.8 cm10 1⁄6
10841.5826.2 cm10 1⁄3
10.58.541.58.526.7 cm10 1⁄2
11942.5927.1 cm10 2⁄3
11.59.543.59.527.5 cm10 5⁄6
1210441027.9 cm11
12.510.544.510.528.4 cm11 1⁄6
131145.51128.8 cm11 1⁄3
13.511.54611.529.2 cm11 1⁄2
141246.51229.6 cm11 2⁄3
14.512.54712.530.1 cm11 5⁄6
151347.51330.5 cm12

Let’s understand this chart with an example, US shoe size 10 would be 8 in the Indian shoe conversion chart. One more example, A US shoe size 8 will be equivalent to a size 6 in Indian shoes.

So we can say,

US women’s shoe size = India women’s shoe size + 2

So when it comes to the US and India shoe size difference for women, US and Indian shoe sizes are not the same for women, their size difference is about 2 sizes.

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Indian Shoe Size to US Men’s

This is the chart showing Indian shoe size to US men’s. You can easily convert your US shoe size to India or India shoe size to UK with this shoe size conversion chart.

US Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
32.534.52.521.6 cm8 1⁄2
3.5335322.0 cm8 2⁄3
43.535.53.522.4 cm8 5⁄6
4.5436.5422.9 cm9
54.5374.523.3 cm9 1⁄6
5.5537.5523.7 cm9 1⁄3
65.5385.524.1 cm9 1⁄2
6.5639624.6 cm9 2⁄3
76.539.56.525.0 cm9 5⁄6
7.5740725.4 cm10
87.540.57.525.8 cm10 1⁄6
8.5841.5826.2 cm10 1⁄3
98.541.58.526.7 cm10 1⁄2
9.5942.5927.1 cm10 2⁄3
109.543.59.527.5 cm10 5⁄6
10.510441027.9 cm11
1110.544.510.528.4 cm11 1⁄6
11.51145.51128.8 cm11 1⁄3
1211.54611.529.2 cm11 1⁄2
12.51246.51229.6 cm11 2⁄3
1312.54712.530.1 cm11 5⁄6
13.51347.51330.5 cm12
1413.548.513.530.9 cm12 1⁄6
14.514491431.3 cm12 1⁄3
1514.549.514.531.8 cm12 1⁄2

The above chart is showing shoe size chart US to India for men only. When it comes to men’s, Indian and US shoe sizes are also not the same, their size difference is about half (1/2) size.

We can say,

US men’s shoe size = India men's shoe size + 0.5

For example, if you wear 9 shoe size in US, then you should buy 8.5 in India for a comfortable fit. If you convert a US shoe size 8 into an Indian size, you will get a size 7.5.

Kids’ Shoe Size Conversion US to India (4-7 Years)

US/Canada Shoe SizeIndia Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)

Universal International Shoe Size Conversion Chart (US, UK, EU)

The given chart would help you to easily convert your US shoe size to India, UK, EU, and Canada, etc.

International shoe size conversion chart for men and women

How to Measure Indian Shoe Size in US?

The Brannock Device a standard foot measuring tool
The Brannock Device is a standard foot-measuring tool used in the United States.

You can follow the given mentioned steps to measure the Indian shoe size in the US:

  • You need to gather some items such as a pencil, tape, a piece of blank paper, a ruler, or a measuring tape. Your paper should be larger than your feet.
  • Now, tape the paper on the floor and put your one foot firmly on that paper. Using a pen or pencil, trace the outline of your foot.
  • Then, using a measuring tape, measure the longest part of your foot from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Write down the number you get.
  • Repeat this process with your 2nd foot.
  • So after you measure both feet, you can compare the results with the shoe size conversion chart that shows the US shoe size to the Indian size chart.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to find the number on the US size chart that matches your measurement (results), and that will be your US shoe size.

So, if you measure your shoe size properly, it will help you determine which shoe size will fit you when you go shopping in the US.

Note: Make sure that you measure your foot without shoes. But you should wear the intended socks that you want to wear with your new shoes.

US vs India Shoe Size: Are they the same?

US and Indian shoe sizes are not the same because the US does not follow the Indian shoe sizing measurement system. India follows the UK sizing pattern which is based on the length of the foot in centimeters.

When it comes to the United States, the US shoe size system is based on the length of the foot in inches. US men’s shoes are usually sized from 5 to 14 and for women, it is from 4 to 12.

I have explained India to US shoe size conversion charts for males and females above, but there may be slight variations between shoe brands in these conversion charts. So, it is important to check the intended shoe size chart.

What Shoe Size Does India Follow?

India follows the UK (British) shoe sizing system and their measurements, which are based on the length of the foot in Inches. The sizes typically range from 4 (smallest) to 14 (largest) for men’s shoes and from 2 to 10 for women’s shoes, with half sizes also available.

So how will you get your perfect shoe size number? As US and Indian shoe sizes are different but conversion charts are available (see above) that can help you determine your size in different countries.

However, you should always keep in mind that these charts are just a guide and may not be completely accurate for all shoe brands. To ensure a proper and comfortable fit, try on shoes or refer to the specific size chart for the brand you intend to buy.

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Shoe Anatomy and Shoe Size Measurements

Shoe anatomy and shoe size measurements

It is important to know the shoe anatomy before measuring your shoe size because every individual’s foot is different in shape and size.

So understanding the parts of a shoe such as sole, heel, tongue, upper, material, and laces, will help you choose and buy comfortable shoes for your feet.

Adding to this, if you don’t know about the parts of the shoes, you might end up buying shoes that are too loose or too tight, which can make your feet feel uncomfortable and create some foot problems and injuries.

Shoe Size Tips for Men and Women: What You Should Know

Finding and purchasing the right-sized shoe is very important for both comfort and foot health. Following are some tips that you can follow when converting India shoe size to US:

  • Measure your feet: First, you should measure your feet by yourself or by a professional. This will help you to determine your correct foot size. You should measure your feet at least once a year because they can change over time. If you don’t know how to measure feet by yourself, you can read our guide on how to measure shoe size with measuring tape.
  • Try on shoes in the afternoon: You might be thinking why am I saying this? but this is true that you should always measure your feet size in the evening as your feet expand throughout the day. So it’s best to try on shoes or measure your feet in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest.
  • Wear the right socks: Before you measure your feet, make sure you wear the same type of socks you plan to wear with the shoes. This practice will ensure an accurate fit.
  • Walk around in the shoes: It’s important to walk around in your shoes before you buy. But if you are planning to buy online then reading reviews will help you to take your decision.
  • Don’t rely on shoe size alone: You shouldn’t rely on your shoe size alone, even after knowing your size. Shoe sizes depend on various factors like brands, styles and models etc. So, it’s important to check the specific brands’ shoe size chart even if you know your perfect size.

Conclusion on India vs US Shoe Size

As we know, there is a difference in shoe sizes between countries but sometimes they vary for different brands.

As a traveler in India, it is recommended to check the sizing and fit before making a purchase. Indian shoe sizes may differ from those in your home country. For the best fit, try on the shoes before buying them.

If someone asks you “what is the difference between US shoe size to India?”, explain them and share this article with that person.

Let’s know some of the common questions asked by people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is US shoe size in India?

The shoe sizing systems used in the US and India are different. So it can be a bit confusing to convert your US shoe size to the Indian size. In general, Indian shoe sizes are usually one size smaller than the equivalent US shoe size. For instance, if you wear a size 10 in the US, you would need to buy 9.5 in India for the best fitting. See this conversion chart.

Q2. US 10 size in India

A US 10 shoe size will be equivalent to an Indian men’s shoe size 9.5 and a US women’s shoe size 8. Indian shoe sizes run smaller compared to the US shoe sizes, but there is not so much difference. Generally, it is only about a 0.5 (half) size difference for men and 2 sizes for women.

Q3. US 8 size in India

What is US 8 size in India? A US 8 shoe size corresponds to an Indian men’s shoe size 7.5 and a US women’s shoe size 6. How did we know? Consult this shoe size conversion chart.

Q4. What shoe size is US 7 size in India?

Shoe size depends on your gender and country too, The US 7 shoe size will translate into a 6.5 for men in India and UK and 5 for women in India and UK.

Q5. Is Canadian Shoe Size the Same as US Shoe Size?

Yes, Canadian shoe sizes are the same as US shoe sizes. This is because both countries follow the same sizing pattern, know the reason here.

Q6. What is 37 shoe size in India?

An EU shoe size 37 corresponds to the US men’s shoe size 5 and US women’s shoe size 6.5.

Q7. How do you convert your UK shoe size to a US one?

To convert UK shoe sizes to the US, add 0.5 (1/2) to the UK size for men; to convert women’s UK sizes to the US once, add 2. See this conversion chart for a better understanding.

Q8. Is UK Shoe Size the Same as US?

No, UK shoe sizes are not similar to US sizes because UK shoe sizes run smaller than US ones. If you want to convert your US shoe size to UK or UK shoe size to US, refer to this US & UK shoe conversion chart.


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