Australian Shoe Size to US Conversion Charts: A Complete Guide

Are you considering purchasing a pair of shoes from Australia but are unsure about the sizes? Or maybe you’re an Australian who wants to buy shoes in America but wants to make sure they fit you perfectly. In that case, you’ve arrived exactly where you wanted.

I will explain Australian shoe size to US conversion charts in detail and demonstrate how to convert them to their equivalent US sizes. We’ll also discuss typical conversion errors and advise on achieving the ideal fit.

So let’s put on our shoes and explore the world of AU shoe sizing!

Understanding Shoe Sizing

Shoe sizing comes in different forms based on the length of the shoe. This length is the inner part of the shoe (or the length of the “Last”) that can also be seen as the length of the foot.

Different region uses different shoe sizing system and it has been a prominent theme as you may have experienced.

The American uses the US shoe sizing system while the Europeans use the EU and UK. Other parts of the world also use the US, UK, and EU as their shoe sizing system. Moreover, there are many other shoe sizing systems such as the Australian sizing system which I will focus on here today.

Australian Shoe Sizing System

Many people are familiar with the EU and US shoe sizing system. Most shoe shops and companies around the world use either US or EU sizing as it is understood by most customers.

However, there are also places where these sizing systems are not used. For instance, in Australia, you will see the shoe sizing system is based on AU. As a result, it is important to also understand the nature of Aussie sizes. Learn more about the Australian shoe sizing system with conversion charts here.

US Shoe Sizing System

The US shoe sizing system is based on Simpson’s system. There are 1/3 inch differences between each size. Hence, for half a size increment, there is a 1/6 inches of difference.

Women’s size starts with 4 and goes to 11 size with the starting length being 212 millimeters. On the other hand, men’s sizes go from 4 to 15 with the smallest size length 220 millimeters. Learn more about US shoe sizes here.

How to Convert Australian Shoe Size to US Sizes?

Whether you are in Australia or in the US, you should not be afraid of getting the wrong shoe size. If you understand how the conversion between these two works in the shoe sizing systems, it will become easier for you to get the right fit.

The rule of thumb for Australian Sizes to US sizes will keep things simpler when you are buying a pair of shoes. If you are a woman, I want you to remember your shoe size in the US. The reason behind that is that AU sizes and US Sizes (in Shoes) are exactly the same. For instance, if your size in the US is 6 then your AU women’s size will also be 6.

Now what about the men? Are AU men’s sizes and US men’s sizes the same? The answer is NO. This is where things get tricky but not that much. US Men sizes are one size bigger than AU men’s size. For instance, US men size 5 is equal to AU size 4.

If the difference between AU men’s size and US men’s size makes you confused, do not worry. There is another way you can use the conversion for AU sizes. To do that, just know your UK shoe size as it is the same as AU men’s shoe sizes. For instance, if you were UK size 7 then your AU size will also be 7.

Let’s see the US to Australian shoe size conversion charts for both men and women.

Australian Shoe Size to US Men’s Conversion Charts

AU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
33.5321922.0 cm
3.543.522422.2 cm
44.5422822.4 cm
4.554.523122.9 cm
55.5523523.3 cm
5.565.523923.7 cm
66.5624124.1 cm
6.576.524524.6 cm
77.5724825.0 cm
7.587.525025.4 cm
88.5825425.8 cm
8.598.525726.2 cm
99.5926026.7 cm
9.5109.526427.1 cm
1010.51026727.5 cm
10.51110.527027.9 cm
1111.51127328.4 cm

Australian Shoe Size to US Women’s Conversion Charts

AU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
4435.522821.3 cm
4.54.536.523121.6 cm
553723522.0 cm
5.55.537.523922.4 cm
663824122.9 cm
6.56.53924523.3 cm
7739.524823.7 cm
7.57.54025024.1 cm
8840.525424.6 cm
8.58.541.525725.0 cm
9941.526025.4 cm
9.59.542.526425.8 cm
101043.526726.2 cm
10.510.54427026.7 cm
111144.527327.1 cm

4 Common Shoe Conversion Mistakes

It’s simple to make mistakes while converting shoe sizes, but don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process. Here are some mistakes individuals frequently make and advice on how to avoid them:

1. Ignoring size differences

One error that people frequently make is believing that a certain size in one nation is the same as another. As you already know, AU men’s sizes are different from US ones. Similarly, other shoe sizing systems in Mexico, the EU, the UK, the Philippines, and others have differences.

It is important to know the length of your feet before carelessly opting for the same shoe size in a different country. Trying out shoes in the shop is the best way to always get a perfect fit shoe.

2. Neglecting Width

Shoe sizes also specify widths, such as “Narrow,” “Regular,” or “Wide”. Many brands provide the same shoe size with different width options. The width of the shoes is generally denoted as B, C, M, and W. While B and M are for people with narrow width, C and W are wider width shoes.

If you are lucky to have various options of width for your shoes, then you should always put emphasis on the width of the shoe you are about to purchase.

3. Online shopping pitfalls

Before ordering shoes online, make sure to check the retailer’s size charts and reviews. Customer reviews are quite helpful in figuring out whether a certain pair of shoes fits small or big.

4. Sizes in between

It is frequently advised to choose the larger size if you are unsure. To obtain a snug fit, you may always utilize insoles or put on larger socks.

International Shoe Sizing Variations

Although the focus of this article is on Australian and US shoe sizes, it’s important to quickly cover other foreign sizing systems to give readers a wider perspective:

1. UK Shoe size

The UK has its own size system that is comparable to the US system but has a different numerical scheme, which may occasionally be confusing. To remove your confusion, have a look at AU to UK shoe sizes.

2. European Shoe Sizing (EU)

European sizes, which utilize a completely different scale, are frequently employed in designer shoes. Use a specialized conversion table to convert EU sizes to Australian or US sizes.

3. Japanese Shoe size

Japan uses a distinctive size method as well. Use a conversion table to ensure accuracy when purchasing shoes from Japan.

To wrap things up

Finding the ideal fit in the realm of shoe purchasing requires a grasp of knowledge of various size systems. Whether you’re an Australian shopping in the US or vice versa, this Australia shoe size to US guide must have given you a clearer picture of your shoe sizes.

Be mindful of the typical errors, take width differences into account, and make use of the abundance of web resources. No matter where they come from, go out and confidently buy your next pair of shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Average Shoe Size in Australia?

AU size 8 is the average shoe size for Women in Australia. For men, the average shoe size is somewhere around 9.

Q2. How to ensure the right fit when buying shoes online?

Knowing your shoe size for various sizing systems, trying out the shoe, and considering the size chart can help you get the right fit.

Q3. Is US and AUS shoe size the same?

US shoe size and AU shoe size are the same for women sizes. However, AU sizes for men are smaller than US sizes for men. Know more here.

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