Mexico Shoe Size Conversion Chart: Men, Women and Kids

If you are traveling to a country like Mexico, you may find things that are unusual to you. One of those things is the shoe size system that the Mexicans use. Many people can get confused by the difference in the shoe size. As a result, you may purchase a shoe from Mexico that may not fit properly.

Here we have covered the Mexico Shoe Size conversion chart for men, women & kids. Go through this guide to understand how you can convert US shoe sizes into Mexico shoe sizes.

What is My Shoe Size in Mexico?

For comfortable shoe purchasing in Mexico, knowing your shoe size is crucial. The US, UK, and EU shoe sizes are not the same as those in Mexico. Measure your feet precisely in centimeters using a ruler to get your Mexican shoe size. For instance, if the length of your foot is 27 centimeters then your Mexican shoe size is 27.

You can always refer to Mexican shoe size charts for men, women, and children. However, it’s a good idea to double-check with the brand’s specific chart.

If you want to be comfortable when experiencing Mexico’s colorful streets, beaches, or mountains, remember that a proper fit is essential. Therefore, adhere to our advice to make sure you discover the ideal match for your feet in Mexico.

How does Mexico Measure Shoe Size? (Step-by-step guide)

Like many other nations, Mexico bases the measurement of shoe size on the centimeters (cm) length of the foot. The following instructions will show you how to determine your shoe size in Mexico.

  1. Assemble your materials:  A ruler, some paper, and a pen or pencil are required.
  2. Get Your Feet Ready: Look for a sturdy, level surface to stand on. Standing on the piece of paper with your feet shoulder-width apart, place it on the ground.
  3. Trace your feet: Carefully sketch the outline of your feet on the paper while holding the pen or pencil upright. Make sure you’re standing straight and using both feet equally.
  4. Measure the length and width: Measure the length and width of your foot in centimeters (cm) starting at the point of your longest toe and ending at the rear of your heel. Measure the breadth of your foot at its broadest point as well.
  5. Repeat for Other Foot: Since it’s normal for one foot to be a little bigger than the other, do the same thing with the other foot.
  6. Find Your Mexican Shoe Size: Once you have the centimeter lengths of both feet, check the Mexican shoe size chart. Match the Mexican shoe size to your foot length in centimeters. Remember that shoe size charts may differ somewhat between brands. As a result, it’s a good idea to confirm the information with the individual brand’s instructions to ensure accuracy.

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Understanding Mexican Shoe Size

Usually, people are familiar with US shoe sizes and the Mexican system can be confusing for them. While there is a separate number system in US shoes, Mexicans simply use the same number for size as the length of the shoes in centimeters.

Sizes of shoes are also shortened in Mexico which can add to the confusion. However, it is not that intricate if you try to understand it.

Tip: Let’s learn the shortened Mexico shoe sizing system with an example. If the shoe size is 25.5, the shortened version will be 5.5. Similarly, if the size is 26.5, the short version is 6.5. The first digit is omitted to get the shortened Mexican shoe size.

Below is the universal Mexican shoe size chart for men and women.

Mexican Shoe SizeUS Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (Inches)
190.520327 2/3
19.512.50.532.57 5/6
20.523.51.533.58 1/6
212.542348 1/3
21.534.52.534.58 1/2
223.553358 2/3
22.545.53.535.58 5/6
23.556.54.5379 1/6
245.57537.59 1/3
24.567.55.5389 1/2
256.586399 2/3
25.578.56.539.59 5/6
26.589.57.540.510 1/6
278.510841.510 1/3
27.5910.58.541.510 1/2
289.511942.510 2/3
28.51011.59.543.510 5/6
29.51112.510.544.511 1/6
3011.5131145.511 1/3
30.51213.511.54611 1/2
3112.5141246.511 2/3
31.51314.512.54711 5/6
32.51415.513.548.512 1/6
3314.516144912 1/3
33.51516.514.549.512 1/2
3415.517155012 2/3

Mexican Shoe Size Chart Men

For comfortable shoe purchasing in Mexico, knowing your shoe size is crucial. The US, UK, and EU shoe sizes are not the same as those in Mexico.

Measure your feet precisely in centimeters using a ruler to get your Mexican shoe size. The length of your foot in centimeters is equal to the size of Mexican shoes. For instance, if your foot length is 25 in centimeters then the size of your shoes in Mexican is also 25.

We’ve included Mexican shoe size charts for men, women, and children, but it’s a good idea to double-check with the brand’s chart owing to differences. Usually, the Mexican shoe size starts at 19 and goes to 34 which is equivalent to US size 15.5.

If you want to be comfortable when experiencing Mexico’s colorful streets, beaches, or mountains, remember that a proper fit is essential. Therefore, adhere to our advice to make sure you discover the ideal match for your feet in Mexico.

Here is the detailed Mexican shoe size chart for US men shoe size:

Mexican Men’s Size (CM)US Men’s SizeFoot Length (Inches)
190.57 2/3
19.517 5/6
20.528 1/6
212.58 1/3
21.538 1/2
223.58 2/3
22.548 5/6
23.559 1/6
245.59 1/3
24.569 1/2
256.59 2/3
25.579 5/6
26.5810 1/6
278.510 1/3
27.5910 1/2
289.510 2/3
28.51010 5/6
29.51111 1/6
3011.511 1/3
30.51211 1/2
3112.511 2/3
31.51311 5/6
32.51412 1/6
3314.512 1/3
33.51512 1/2
3415.512 2/3

Mexican Shoe Size Chart Women

Mexican shoe size for Women is measured in centimeters. The numbering of Mexican shoe sizes is the same as men’s. Meaning the length of the foot is in centimeters and the size of the shoe has the same number.

The women’s shoe size starts at 18 and goes up to 34. Women’s shoe size 18 is equal to US women’s size 1. As we increase the size by 0.5 cm, the US size also increments by 0.5.

Here is the detailed Mexican shoe size chart for US women shoe size:

US Women’s SizeFoot Length (Inches)Mexican Women’s Size (CM)
17 1/318
1.57 1/218.5
27 2/319
2.57 5/619.5
3.58 1620.5
48 1321
4.58 1/221.5
58 2/322
5.58 5/622.5
6.59 1/623.5
79 1/324
7.59 1/224.5
89 2/325
8.59 5/625.5
910 26
9.510 1/626..5
1010 1/327
10.510 1/227.5
1110 2/328
11.510 5/628.5
1211 29
12.511 1/629.5
1311 1/330
13.511 1/230.5
1411 2/331
14.511 5/631.5
15.512 1/632.5
1612 1/333
16.512 1/233.5
1712 2/334

Mexican Shoe Size Chart Kids

As you understand the system that gives foundation to Mexican shoe sizes is different from US or UK sizes. As a result, kids’ shoe size in Mexico is also different and let’s know more about it.

As with men’s and women’s shoe size in Mexico, kids’ shoe sizes in Mexico is also measured with centimeters. The difference between Mexican kids’ shoe sizes and other shoe sizes does not end there. Typically, Mexican kids’ shoe sizes are smaller than US shoes.

The sizes of kid’s shoes in Mexico start at 9 which is 9 centimeters. It is equivalent to US size 1 measuring 3 5/8 in inches. The increment in Mexican kids’ shoe sizes is by 1. For instance, 9, 10,11 size 24.

US Kids SizeFoot Length (Inches)Mexican Shoe Size
13 5/89
34 3/811
44 3/412
65 1/413
75 5/814
96 1/415.5
106 5/816
116 7/817
127 1/818
137 3/819
1Y7 5/820.5
2Y8 21
3Y8 3/821.5
4Y8 5/822
6Y9 3/424

Mexican to US Shoe Size Conversion Chart

If you have any confusion between US and Mexican shoe sizes, refer to the given Mexican to US shoe size conversion chart.

Mexican Shoe SizeUS Women’s SizeUS Men’s SizeFoot Length (Inches)
1920.57 2/3
19.52.517 5/6
20.53.528 1/6
2142.58 1/3
21.54.538 1/2
2253.58 2/3
22.55.548 5/6
23.56.559 1/6
2475.59 1/3
24.57.569 1/2
2586.59 2/3
25.58.579 5/6
26.59.5810 1/6
27108.510 1/3
27.510.5910 1/2
28119.510 2/3
28.511.51010 5/6
29.512.51111 1/6
301311.511 1/3
30.513.51211 1/2
311412.511 2/3
31.514.51311 5/6
32.515.51412 1/6
331614.512 1/3
33.516.51512 1/2
341715.512 2/3

Are Mexico and US Shoe Sizes the Same?

Shoes in Mexico are certainly different from US shoes in terms of their size. Mexican shoe sizes are measured using the centimeters which is also their shoe size.

To know your shoe size in Mexico, all you have to do is use a ruler a measure your foot from your toe to heel. The number you get by measuring your foot is also your shoe size in Mexico.

On the other hand, US shoes are measured using inches and they do not even use the inches as their shoe sizing. So in comparison, Mexican shoe size is easier to understand and has a straightforward system.

Are Mexico and UK Shoe Sizes the Same?

There is no relation between Mexican and UK shoe sizes. So by default, they are not the same when it comes to shoe size. As you already know, Mexicans use the simple centimeter system for measuring and labeling their sizes.

On the other hand, UK shoe size is determined using inches. Technically, you can use centimeters to determine the size of UK Shoes, but inches are the standard measure.

What is the Difference Between Mexico and EU Shoe Sizes?

Given that Mexico and the EU use the metric system, their shoe sizes are more similar than those of the US or the UK. There may, however, still be very tiny differences in Mexican and EU sizes.

It’s critical to review the precise size chart offered by the brand you’re considering because variations may occur as a result of production practices and fit preferences.

You can use the following basic guidelines to translate your EU shoe size to a Mexican one. To get your Mexican shoe size, add around 1.5 to your EU shoe size. Your Mexican size would be around 41.5 if, for instance, you wear an EU size 40.

Mexico Shoe Size Conversion Chart: US, UK & EU

mexico shoe size conversion chart


Purchasing shoes from Mexico for yourself and for your loved ones. You get to choose from various designs and distinctive styles. However, the shoe sizing system of Mexico is different and the guide above has all the information for you to get familiar with the country’s shoe size.

If you have any doubts about the Mexico shoe size conversion chart, feel free to ask in the comment section (given below).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Mexico’s shoe size in CM?

Yes, depending on the length of the foot, Mexican shoe sizes are commonly expressed in centimeters (cm). This measurement assists in determining the most precise shoe size for a snug fit.

Q2. How to convert Mexico’s shoe size to the US?

To determine your approximate US size, deduct around 2 sizes from your Mexican shoe size. For instance, if you are a Mexican size 7 (shortened version), you are about a US size 5.

Q3. What Is The Biggest Shoe Size In Mexico?

The largest standard men’s shoe size in Mexico is around 34 (Mexican sizing), roughly equivalent to a size 15.5 in the United States. For women, the largest standard size is usually around 28 or 29 (Mexican sizing), which is approximately equivalent to a size 11 or 12 in the United States.

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