Japanese Shoe Size to US: Conversion Charts for Men, Women & Kids

Have you ever wondered about the shoe measurement system in Japan and how to convert Japanese shoe size to US, You have come to the right place guys.

In this easy-to-follow guide, I will cover all the essential information that you need to know about Japan shoe size to US, including conversion charts for men, women & kids, a foot measurement guide, tips to remember, and frequently asked questions; I would keep it simple and straightforward so that you can easily understand.

Most countries follow their own sizing system to measure foot size so it is always recommended to understand the shoe sizing charts of those countries that you are willing to buy. If you do so, you will not regret your purchase in the future.

I understand that not everyone is a shoe size expert, and that’s totally okay! Whether you are coming to Japan from the US or vice versa, this Japan shoe size conversion chart to US will make sure you are stepping comfortably.

So guys, just sit back and relax, and let’s kick things off by demystifying Japan to US shoe size conversion charts for men, women & kids; making your travels more enjoyable, one step at a time!

What is the Japanese Shoe Sizing System?

One of the best and easiest things in the Japanese shoe sizing system is “its foot length is measured in centimeters rather than inches or millimeters”.

Japanese shoe size = Your foot length in cm

Japan does not follow Western and European countries’ shoe measurement systems. This is because it has its own at the same time unique shoe-sizing pattern which is based on the foot length in centimeters. So, instead of seeing numbers like 7 or 8, you’ll see measurements such as 23cm or 24cm in Japanese shoe size chart.

Please keep in mind that you won’t find any differences in shoe sizes between men and women. This is because Japan uses unisex shoe sizing like Europe.

Japan shoe sizes are measured in centimeters (cm).

How to Convert Japan Shoe Size to Centimeters?

To find your Japanese shoe size, you just need to measure your feet in centimeters. Let’s know how to convert.

Place your foot on a piece of paper (paper should be larger than your feet), trace the outline around your foot, and measure the length of your heel to the longest point of the toe in centimeters, and that’s it! You have successfully converted your current shoe size.

For example, if your foot measures 25cm, your Japanese shoe size would be 25cm.

Japanese Shoe Size to US Men’s

The given shoe conversion chart is helpful for those men who want to convert their US shoe size to Japan, UK & EU. Don’t worry if you live in a different country because I have covered almost all the country’s footwear size conversion chart here. Please have an eye on the chart and thank me later.

US Shoe SizeJapanese Shoe Size
EU Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size
Japanese shoe size to US Men's

Japanese Shoe Size to US Women’s

The given shoe conversion chart is helpful for those women who want to convert their US shoe size to Japan, or EU & UK, or Australia.

Japan shoe size to US Women's
US Shoe SizeJapanese Shoe Size (CM)EU Shoe SizeAustralian shoe sizeUK Shoe Size

Japan Shoe Size to US Boys (Kids)

Follow the shoe conversion chart given below to convert your Japan to US shoe size kids & boys.

US Shoe SizeJapanese Shoe Size
EU Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size

Does Japan Follow a Unisex Shoe Sizing System?

Yes, the Japanese indeed follow a unisex sizing system for shoes. This means that you won’t find any differences in shoe sizes between men and women. In other words, you won’t find separate sizes for men and women like in some other countries.

For instance, if you wear a size 9 in men’s shoes in Japan, you can usually find a similar size 9 in women’s shoes (In fact, sizes are the same in many cases).

Now if I ask you how would you find your Japanese shoe size? Worry not, it’s so simple and easy! You just need to look at a shoe conversion chart and find the corresponding size, regardless of your gender. BOOM!

How do I convert my shoe size to the Japanese shoe size system?

When it comes to your shoe conversion to the Japanese shoe size systems, the conversion process is easy. Here’s a simple guide on how to convert your shoe size to the Japanese shoe size system:

  1. Determine Your Shoe Size: One of the first steps is, to know your shoe size. You can usually find this on your current shoes or by measuring your foot at home (explained above).
  2. Use a Shoe Conversion Chart: Next, find a shoe conversion chart online. Here, our prominent role comes by providing shoe size conversion charts of all countries with all brands. Suppose you live in the US, Now search for “US to Japanese shoe size conversion chart”. You will find some shoe size charts. These charts will help you match your US size to the Japanese size. I hope you got my point.
  3. Check for Gender Differences: Japanese shoe sizes are unisex in this scenario. But you need to remember that shoe sizes may differ for men and women. So, make sure you’re looking at the correct shoe size chart.
  4. Try Them On: If possible, try on the shoes that you desire to buy. You can also read reviews of others who have bought from Japan. This can give you a better idea of the fit.
  5. Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to ask the salesman or the seller about shoe conversion or foot measurement. They can guide you to get the right size of shoes.

Conclusion on Japan Shoe Size Chart

Japanese shoe sizing systems are different from other shoe sizing systems like European and American. This is because Japanese shoes are measured and labeled in centimeters (which are unisex). For example, if your foot is 30 centimeters long, you would wear a size 30 in Japanese shoes and 12 in US shoes.

Japanese shoe sizing might look a bit puzzling, but I think, I’ve covered each query to explain you everything in this blog post!

Now you guys are all set to navigate the world of Japanese shoe sizes with confidence. Happy shoe shopping!

Want to visit other countries but are confused about international shoe size conversion charts? No worries guys! refer to these conversion charts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some common queries that people have regarding Japanese shoe sizes:

Q1. What is my shoe size in Japan?

To find your shoe size in Japan, first, you need to get your feet measured in centimeters, and then compare with the shoe size conversion chart and match your size in your own country to the corresponding Japanese size. BOOM! you will know your shoe size. (Japan shoe size = Foot size in CM)

Q2. How do I convert my usual shoe size to a Japanese size?

To convert your current shoe size to the Japanese shoe size method, first, you would need to get your foot length measurement in centimeters and then take the reference to a Japan shoe size conversion chart. If you don’t know how to measure your foot length, refer to this foot measurement guide.

Q3. Are Japanese shoe sizes the same as US shoe sizes?

No, Japanese shoe sizes are not similar to US shoe sizes. Many people have this misconception. Japan uses its own shoe sizing system rather than following other countries or traditional sizing systems.

Q4. Are Japanese shoe sizes the same as European shoe sizes?

No, Japanese shoe sizes are not identical to European shoe sizes. This is because a unique shoe measurement system is used by Japan which is not followed by other countries even Europe. However, it is important to check each country’s shoe size charts as they might own their unique measurement systems and conversions.

Q5. Is Japan shoe sizing in centimeters?

Most probably yes. Japan uses the centimeters approach to measure the foot length for accurate fitting. It is true that Japan does not follow other different measurement systems of the EU & US. For instance, if your foot length comes to 35cm; it means your Japanese shoe size is 35cm.

Q6. What should I do if my size falls between two available options?

If your foot measurement lies between two available options, I would recommend you go with the larger one instead of the smaller size shoe. Shoes that have a little more space provide great comfort to our feet.

Q7. Are there any differences between men’s and women’s shoe sizes in Japan?

No, there is no difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes in Japan as Japan follows the unisex sizing system that works the same for both men and women.

Q8. What is a 9.5 US shoe size in Japan?

If you wear a size 9.5 in the US, when converted to Japanese sizing, your size would be equivalent to 27.5cm for men and 25.5cm for women. Refer to this conversion chart

Q9. What is a US size 10 in Japanese shoes?

If you wear a shoe size 10 in the US, then in Japan, your size would be equal to 28cm for men and 26cm for women.

Q10. What are women’s US size 10.5 shoes in Japan?

If you are a woman wearing shoe size 10.5 in the US, after conversion to Japan sizing, your size would be equal to 26.5cm.

Q11. What size is 44 in men’s shoes in Japan?

An EU 44 shoe size would be equivalent to a Japanese men’s shoe size 28.5cm, 10.5 in the US and 10 in the UK.

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