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When you’re getting new shoes, it’s important to make sure they fit your feet just right! The size of the shoes should not be too big and not too small – similar to how you look for a glove that’s neither too loose nor too tight, but just right for your hands.

“You walk confidently when you are wearing the right size shoes”

You might get the wrong shoe size unless you know the international shoe size conversion chart for the US, UK, China, Canada, AUS, Europe, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, India, and many more countries. Most countries have their own shoe sizing patterns that vary for other nations, whether US or UK.

Whenever you go abroad and buy any shoes or want to buy shoes from international brands, you might get confused about shoe sizing if the shopkeeper is unaware of US shoe size conversion with other countries.

Don’t worry! You will never face such a problem, once you read this article and bookmark it on your browser.

So let’s start by understanding the US shoe size chart for men, women, and kids in various countries.

What is my US shoe size?

The best way to know your US shoe size is by measuring your feet. We will thoroughly tell you about how to measure your feet later in this article. Before that, you need to understand a little bit more about US shoe size. US shoe sizes for men and women use barleycorn as their measurement. One barleycorn is equivalent to 1/3 inch.

US shoe sizes are measured using inches so you should know the length of your foot in inches. If you have a 12-inch foot, then your US shoe size will be 14. However, keep in mind that there can be some variations in shoe sizes depending on the shoe store.

Understanding the US Shoe Size

It can be difficult to find the ideal pair of shoes, and knowing the US shoe size chart is crucial for a precise and comfortable fit. Shoes are categorized using a numerical size system in the US based on length.

The sizing of US shoes usually starts with 4 or 5 for women and 3.5 for men. Barleycorn is the unit of measurement to determine the size of US shoes. One Barleycorn is equal to 0.84 cm or 1/3 inch.

Let’s examine the nuances of the US shoe size chart and how it varies for children, women, and men.

US Shoe Size Chart Men

In the US, men’s shoe sizes normally run from 6 to 16, with half-size increments to provide a more exact fit. While this chart is meant to be a general reference, there could be differences between various shoe manufacturers and designs.

When choosing men’s shoes, it’s important to take both length and width into account because different designs and brands may have varied fits.

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeCanada SizeJapan SizeIndia SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
32.534.5321.52.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.53353.522322.0 cm8 2/3
43.535.5422.53.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.5436.54.523422.9 cm9
54.537523.54.523.3 cm9 1/6
5.5537.55.524523.7 cm9 1/3
65.538624.55.524.1 cm9 1/2
6.56396.525624.6 cm9 2/3
76.539.5725.56.525.0 cm9 5/6
7.57407.526725.4 cm10
87.540.5826.57.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.5841.58.527826.2 cm10 1/3
98.541.5927.58.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.5942.59.528927.1 cm10 2/3
109.543.51028.59.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.5104410.5291027.9 cm11
1110.544.51129.510.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.51145.511.5301128.8 cm11 1/3
1211.5461230.511.529.2 cm11 1/2
12.51246.512.5311229.6 cm11 2/3
1312.5471331.512.530.1 cm11 5/6
13.51347.513.5321330.5 cm12
1413.548.51432.513.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.5144914.5331431.3 cm12 1/3
1514.549.51533.514.531.8 cm12 1/2

US Shoe Size Chart Women

Women’s shoe sizes in the US are larger than men’s in terms of numbering. To be more precise, there is a 1.5 size increment in US Women from US Men. For instance, US Men size 7 is equal to US Women’s size 8.5. The typical range for women’s shoes in the US is 4 to 14.

The below Women’s US shoe size chart will help you to find the perfect shoe size and will also help you to compare the US shoe sizes with other countries (UK, EU, Japan, India, and Canada).

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeCanada SizeJapan SizeIndia SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
4.52.534.54.521.52.521.6 cm8 1/2
5335522322.0 cm8 2/3
5.53.535.55.522.53.522.4 cm8 5/6
6436.5623422.9 cm9
6.54.5376.523.54.523.3 cm9 1/6
7537.5724523.7 cm9 1/3
7.55.5387.524.55.524.1 cm9 1/2
8639825624.6 cm9 2/3
8.56.539.58.525.56.525.0 cm9 5/6
9740926725.4 cm10
9.57.540.59.526.57.525.8 cm10 1/6
10841.51027826.2 cm10 1/3
10.58.541.510.527.58.526.7 cm10 1/2
11942.51128927.1 cm10 2/3
11.59.543.511.528.59.527.5 cm10 5/6
12104412291027.9 cm11
12.510.544.512.529.510.528.4 cm11 1/6
131145.513301128.8 cm11 1/3
13.511.54613.530.511.529.2 cm11 1/2
141246.514311229.6 cm11 2/3
14.512.54714.531.512.530.1 cm11 5/6
151347.515321330.5 cm12

US Shoe Size Chart Kids/Children

US shoe sizes for kids are unisex, meaning there is no difference in the size of both boys and girls. The sizes are usually divided into different categories due to the significant growth in kids.

The categories for kids’ shoe sizes may be something like newborn, infant, toddler, walker, and big kids. The sizes for kids in the US are denoted using alphabets with their size number. For example, 2Y, 3Y and 5C.

These are some US kids’ shoe size charts based on categories for children:-

US Toddler Shoe Size Chart (1 to 3 years)

US Toddler SizeUK Toddler SizeEURO Toddler Size Foot Length (Inches)Foot Length (cm)
4.5C4204 7/812.3 cm
5C4.520.5512.7 cm
5.5C5215 1/813.0 cm
6C5.521.55 1/413.3 cm
6.5C622.55 1/213.8 cm
7C6.5235 5/814.2 cm
7.5C723.55 3/414.6 cm
8C7.524.5615.0 cm
8.5C8256 1/815.4 cm
9C8.525.56 1/415.7 cm
9.5C9266 3/816.0 cm

US Kids Shoe Size Chart (4 to 6 years)

US Kids SizeUK Kids SizeEURO Kids Size Foot Length
Foot Length
10C9.5276 5/816.6 cm
10.5C1027.56 3/416.9 cm
11C10.5286 7/817.3 cm
11.5C1128.5717.6 cm
12C11.5297 1/817.9 cm
12.5C12307 1/418.5 cm
13C12.530.57 3/818.8 cm
13.5C13317 1/219.2 cm

US Youth Shoe Size Chart (7-12 years)

US Youth SizeUK Youth SizeEURO Youth Size Foot Length
Foot Length
1Y0.531.57 5/819.5
1.5Y132.57 7/820.0
2.5Y2348 1/421.0
3Y2.534.58 3/821.3
3.5Y3358 1/221.7
4Y3.535.58 5/822.0
4.5Y436.58 7/822.6
5.5Y5389 1/423.6
6Y5.5399 3/424.7

Men’s to Women’s Shoe Size Conversion

There are times when you would want to know the conversion from Men’s shoes to women’s. Shopping for unisex shoes is the most common occurrence when you need this conversion. The difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes is 1.5 size.

If you wear size 8 for women currently, then you should go for men’s size 6.5. If you are a lady and you want to know your size in men’s shoes, subtract 1.5 size from your current size. Keep in mind that this conversion is best suitable for US shoes. Moreover, there is a generalization in the size difference, there can always be variations with different brands.

US Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeUK SizeEU SizeChina SizeIndia SizeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (Inches)
34.52.534.534.52.521.6 cm8 1/2
3.5533535322.0 cm8 2/3
45.53.535.535.53.522.4 cm8 5/6
4.56436.536.5422.9 cm9
56.54.537374.523.3 cm9 1/6
5.57537.537.5523.7 cm9 1/3
67.55.538385.524.1 cm9 1/2
6.5863938.5624.6 cm9 2/3
78.56.539.539.56.525.0 cm9 5/6
7.5974040725.4 cm10
89.57.540.540.57.525.8 cm10 1/6
8.510841.541.5826.2 cm10 1/3
910.58.541.541.58.526.7 cm10 1/2
9.511942.542.5927.1 cm10 2/3
1011.59.543.543.59.527.5 cm10 5/6
10.5121044441027.9 cm11
1112.510.544.544.510.528.4 cm11 1/6
11.5131145.545.51128.8 cm11 1/3
1213.511.5464611.529.2 cm11 1/2
12.5141246.546.51229.6 cm11 2/3
1314.512.5474712.530.1 cm11 5/6
13.5151347.547.51330.5 cm12
1415.513.548.548.513.530.9 cm12 1/6
14.5161449491431.3 cm12 1/3
1516.514.549.549.514.531.8 cm12 1/2
15.5171550501532.21 cm12 2/3
Note: There is a small difference between US men's and US women's sizes, it is approx 1.5 size (one and half size).

US to UK Shoe Size Conversion Chart

The given UK shoe sizing chart would help you in converting your US shoe size to UK or UK to US shoe size. Let’s check it out.

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size
2UK 0
12.5UK 0.5
1.53UK 1
23.5UK 1.5
2.54UK 2
34.5UK 2.5
3.55UK 3
45.5UK 3.5
4.56UK 4
56.5UK 4.5
5.57UK 5
67.5UK 5.5
6.58UK 6
78.5UK 6.5
7.59UK 7
89.5UK 7.5
8.510UK 8
910.5UK 8.5
9.511UK 9
1011.5UK 9.5
10.512UK 10
1112.5UK 10.5
11.513UK 11
1213.5UK 11.5
12.514UK 12
1314.5UK 12.5
13.515UK 13
1415.5UK 13.5
14.516UK 14
1516.5UK 14.5
15.517UK 15
1617.5UK 15.5

Are US and UK shoe sizes the same?

US and UK sizes have a marginal size difference in their sizing system. UK shoes are one size smaller than US shoes. This is because the UK counts their shoe size from 0 and the US starts from 1.

As I mentioned earlier, UK shoe sizes are not similar to the US sizes for both men and women. When it comes to the difference, men typically have size difference of only half size (0.5), while women have a size difference of two sizes (2).

How to convert US shoe size to UK?

Add 0.5 to the US men’s size and 2 to the US women’s size when converting US shoe sizes to UK measurements. A US woman’s size 8 would be equivalent to a UK woman’s size 6, while a US man’s size 8 would be equivalent to a UK man’s size 7.5.

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US Shoe Size to EURO

If you want to buy shoes from Europe/European countries or if you are traveling there, then you need to know the EU shoe size conversion chart.

For instance, If you have a foot size of 30 cm, it would translate to a 47 EU size for both men and women. When comparing to US sizes, a foot size of 30 cm would convert to a size 13 for men and 14.5 for women in the United States.

For further assistance, take the reference of the given size chart to convert your US shoe size to EU.

EU Shoe SizeUS Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe Size
EU 320.52
EU 32.512.5
EU 331.53
EU 33.523.5
EU 342.54
EU 34.534.5
EU 353.55
EU 35.545.5
EU 36.54.56
EU 3756.5
EU 37.55.57
EU 3867.5
EU 396.58
EU 39.578.5
EU 407.59
EU 40.589.5
EU 41.58.510
EU 41.5910.5
EU 42.59.511
EU 43.51011.5
EU 4410.512
EU 44.51112.5
EU 45.511.513
EU 461213.5
EU 46.512.514
EU 471314.5
EU 47.513.515
EU 48.51415.5
EU 4914.516
EU 49.51516.5
EU 5015.517
EU 50.51617.5
Note: Euro, Europe & European shoe sizes are denoted by EU shoe size.!

Let’s know some facts about European shoe sizes and how they work.

Are US and EU shoe sizes the Same?

US shoes and EU shoes have different sizing systems. The US uses barleycorn which is 1/3 inch while the EU uses Paris Point which is 2/3 cm.

The EU and US shoe sizes are not the same, they both have their own ways of measuring shoe sizes and use different measurement patterns. It’s true that Europe shoe sizes are unisex but when it comes to the United States it separates men’s and women’s shoe sizes.

How to convert US shoe size to EU?

To convert US to EU shoe size, go down a size in your US shoe size and then multiply the number by 1/3. After that, add 12 to the result. Convert the answer into centimeters as the EU uses centimeters in their sizing system.

Note: Europe is not a single country it includes France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc. So if you have an EU shoe size conversion chart then you can rely on that and don’t need to check other European countries’ shoe size charts.

US Shoe Size to India

India is a country where people from different countries come and explore Indian culture, sometimes they stay more than they planned. So if you have also come to India to explore the Indian culture or you are just buying shoes online where you have got just an Indian shoe size chart.

Don’t worry! you can refer to our detailed guide of US shoe size to the Indian shoe size conversion chart for men, women, and kids (given below).

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeIndian Shoe Size

How to convert US shoe size to India?

It is necessary to comprehend the particular conversion scale in order to convert US shoe sizes to Indian sizes. The corresponding Indian size is usually obtained by subtracting 0.5 from the US men’s size or 2 from the US women’s size.

For example, an Indian size 7.5 would be about the same as a US men’s size 8, and an Indian size 7 would be around the same as a US women’s size 9.

Additionally, there is a simple formula to convert your US shoe size to India,

  • US men’s shoe size = Indian men’s shoe size + 0.5 size
  • US women’s shoe size = Indian women’s shoe size + 2 size

If you apply the above formula correctly then I can assure you you won’t get the wrong size shoe even when you buy online.

US Shoe Size to Philippines

When it comes to the Philippines’ shoe size, they follow the American shoe measurement system. This means that there is no distinction between US and Philippines shoe sizes, as they are identical.

I don’t want to confuse you anymore, you can simply refer to the given US to Philippines shoe size conversion chart for both men and women.

Men’s US Shoe Size to Philippines

US Shoe SizePhilippines Shoe SizeFoot Length
Foot Length
4422.4 cm8 5/6
4.54.522.9 cm9
5523.3 cm9 1/6
5.55.523.7 cm9 1/3
6624.1 cm9 1/2
6.56.524.6 cm9 2/3
7725.0 cm9 5/6
7.57.525.4 cm10
8825.8 cm10 1/6
8.58.526.2 cm10 1/3
9926.7 cm10 1/2
9.59.527.1 cm10 2/3
101027.5 cm10 5/6
10.510.527.9 cm11
111128.4 cm11 1/6
11.511.528.8 cm11 1/3
121229.2 cm11 1/2
12.512.529.6 cm11 2/3
131330.1 cm11 5/6
13.513.530.5 cm12
141430.9 cm12 1/6
14.514.531.3 cm12 1/3
151531.8 cm12 1/2

Women’s US Shoe Size to Philippines

US Shoe SizePhilippines Shoe SizeFoot Length
Foot Length
5522.0 cm8 2/3
5.55.522.4 cm8 5/6
6622.9 cm9
6.56.523.3 cm9 1/6
7723.7 cm9 1/3
7.57.524.1 cm9 1/2
8824.6 cm9 2/3
8.58.525.0 cm9 5/6
9925.4 cm10
9.59.525.8 cm10 1/6
101026.2 cm10 1/3
10.510.526.7 cm10 1/2
111127.1 cm10 2/3
11.511.527.5 cm10 5/6
121227.9 cm11
12.512.528.4 cm11 1/6
131328.8 cm11 1/3
13.513.529.2 cm11 1/2
141429.6 cm11 2/3
14.514.530.1 cm11 5/6
151530.5 cm12
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US Shoe Size to Australia

Do you know that women’s shoe sizes in Australia are identical to those in the United States? However, men’s shoe sizes follow the same system as in the United Kingdom. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it! just follow the given formula to easily convert your US shoe size to an Australian shoe size conversion chart.

  • AUS Women’s shoe sizes = US women’s shoe sizes
  • AUS Men’s shoe sizes = UK men’s shoe sizes

Refer to this US to AU shoe size conversion chart.

US Women’s Shoe SizeUS Men’s Shoe SizeAUS Shoe Size

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US Shoe Size to Canada

If you’re confused about shoe sizes in the US and Canada, don’t worry! They both use the same way of measuring shoes by looking at how long your foot is in inches or centimeters.

For instance, if you wear 10 size in the US, after conversion, you would exactly need 10 size of shoes in Canada for the same fitting.

Note: It is important to note that there might be some variations and differences between Canadian and US shoe sizes depending on the brand or manufacturer. It is recommended to see our international shoe size conversion chart.

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US Shoe Size to China

The given conversion chart would help you to convert your US shoe size to China for both men and women.

US Men’s Shoe SizeChina Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeChina Women’s Shoe Size
CN shoe size = Chinese shoe size

Are men’s and women’s shoe sizes the same in China? No, men’s and women’s shoe sizes do not match each other, they are distinct. Check out the CN shoe size to US shoe size conversion chart to get the right fit.

US Shoe Size to Italy

If you wanna buy Italian designer shoes then you should know how Italian shoe sizing works & how to convert Italy shoe size to US. Here, I would like to clarify that Italy is a part of European countries and its shoe sizes are not similar to US, UK & Canada. That is why we need to have an Italian shoe size to US size conversion chart.

But Italy follows the standard European shoe sizing measurement system, making Italy and EU shoe sizes the same.

Italian shoe sizes = EU shoe sizes

Italy Shoe SizeUS Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe Size

US Shoe Size to Japan

The given international shoe size conversion chart will help you to convert your US shoe size to Japan and Japanese shoe size to the US.

US Men’s SizeJapan Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeJapan Women’s Size

US Shoe Size to German

German shoe sizes are unisex which makes the conversion easy. As I mentioned earlier, Germany is among the European nations, meaning that EU shoe sizes are similar to German shoe sizes.

Make sure to check this German shoe size to the US conversion chart.

German / EU Shoe SizeUS Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size

French Shoe Size to US

If you want to convert the US shoe size to French, you need to check the conversion chart for both men and women because US and French shoe sizes are not the same.

US Men’s Shoe SizeFrench Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeFrench Women’s Shoe Size

US Shoe Size to Brazil

US Men’s SizeUS Women’s SizeBrazil Shoe Size

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Feet Size at Home

Are you planning to buy a new pair of shoes and don’t know about your actual foot size? Don’t worry, measuring foot size at home is a straightforward process that would not take much time.

Now, let’s discover your foot size with this detailed step-by-step guide, suitable for individuals of all ages.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Before you start measuring your foot, make sure you have these important tools.

  • 2 pieces of paper larger than your foot
  • A pencil or pen
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • Intended socks
  • A flat, hard surface to stand on (preferably a tile or hardwood floor)

Step 2: Prepare Your Feet

Sit down on a chair and put the piece of paper on the floor in front of you (you can attach the paper with the tape also). If you are wearing any footwear or chappal then make sure you have removed it to ensure accurate measurements.

Note: Measuring the foot size while wearing intended socks would be highly recommended as it will help you to get the correct size for your feet.

Step 3: Trace Your Foot

Now place your one foot on the paper and carefully trace the outline of your foot by using a pencil or a pen. Please keep in mind that the pen is held straight up and not at an angle, as this may lead to inaccurate measurements.

If you’re having trouble measuring your foot size alone, then you must ask someone to trace the lines for you.

Step 4: Measure the Length

Now it’s your turn to measure the length of the feet. Using the ruler or measuring tape, measure the length from the heel to the tip of your longest toe. You should note & record the measurement in inches or centimeters, as this will help you to compare your size with other shoe conversion charts.

For better results, measure both feet, as they might slightly differ in size (Scientifically proven).

Step 5: Measure the Width

Next, measure the width of your foot by finding the widest point, usually across the ball of your foot. Again, note this measurement in inches or centimeters.

Step 6: Determine Your Shoe Size

Now that you have measured your foot and got your foot measurements, you can use them to find your shoe size.

How would you use it? Compare your shoe size with the shoe conversion charts provided above (for both men & women) or compare with the manufacturers’ shoe sizing charts.

It is true that “Feet Measurements are Crucial” but there are other important factors that need to be considered while buying shoes. The shape of your foot, the style of the shoe, the material of the shoe, and your preferred fit (snug or roomy) will also play a role in finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoe Size

Here are some tips that will help you get a comforting feeling of the shoe:

  1. Regularly Measure Your Feet: To guarantee a proper fit, we must measure our feet on a regular basis because they might alter in size over time.
  2. Think About Shoe Width: Select shoes that comfortably fit your foot width. To get a properly fitting shoe, measuring the width of your foot is also crucial.
  3. Try Shoes On: Prior to making a purchase, try on shoes whenever feasible. Brands and even various styles under the same brand might have varying sizes.
  4. Shop in the Afternoon: Because feet swell during the day, it’s best to pick the most comfortable size when you go shopping in the afternoon when your feet are at their widest.

Why are Shoe Sizes Different Between Countries?

Differences in measurement systems, geographical preferences, and historical and cultural influences all contribute to regional differences in shoe size. Every nation has its size requirements, so when customers buy shoes abroad, they have to deal with variations.

The distinct unit system is also another factor leading to size differences between countries. The US, UK, EU, AU, etc have different measurement systems. While The US uses inches in foot length, the EU uses centimeters.

As a result, the same-sized numbers in both the US and EU are not the same in length. Brands also have their own sizing system leading to a whole new level of difference. Some brands may use the same scale for both men and women.

On the other hand, brands in other countries use separate scales for both men and women. This is why, referring specifically to the brand’s sizing scale is essential when purchasing a shoe.

In Conclusion

US shoe sizes are widely popular and they can be your foundation for converting to other sizing systems like UK and EU. Both genders have their own sizing system and kids’ sizing system has their separate alphabets.

With the usage of barleycorn, it is fairly easy to get a good grasp of what your US size is going to be. However, we suggest you always refer to a brand’s shoe size chart to know the most accurate sizing for your feet.

Hence with this complete sizing guide, we hope you can confidently navigate the world of shoe shopping, ensuring that your whole family enjoys comfortable and well-fitted footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some common questions asked by our readers frequently, make sure to check them out also.

Q1. What’s the US shoe size conversion?

Shoe sizes in the United States are usually measured using the “American” or “US” sizing system, which uses numerical values to indicate shoe sizes. The US does not follow other countries’ shoe sizing systems.

Here, US shoe size conversion means, converting US shoe sizes with the other countries’ shoe sizes. You can confidently buy a pair of shoes regardless of the brand and country when you know the basics of US shoe size conversion.

Q2. What is the difference between US and Euro shoe sizes?

The European shoe sizing system is also known as the Euro shoe size. US and Euro both countries use different shoe measurement systems but Euro shoe sizes are unisex which means sizes are the same for both men and women. If you are 10 in size in the US, after conversion to the EU, your size would be equivalent to 43.5 EU for men and 41.5 EU for women.

Q3. What is the difference between US and UK shoe sizes?

US and UK shoe sizes differ from each other because both countries use distinct shoe measurement systems. When it comes to the difference between US and UK shoe sizes, the difference in size for men is usually only 0.5 (half size) while for women it’s around 2 sizes.

Q4. Is Canadian Shoe Size the Same as US Shoe Size?

Yes, Canadian shoe sizes are similar to United States sizes because both Canada uses the US sizing pattern. Learn more here.

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