Chinese Shoe Size Chart with Conversion: Find Your Perfect Fit

Shoe sizes help us find the right size for our feet without trying them. It is important to know your shoe size but we may not know our sizes in all sizing system numbering.

Chinese shoe sizes are not familiar in the world of US and UK shoe sizes. You may be wondering how the Chinese shoe size conversion works. So here’s a complete guide on the Chinese shoe size chart.

By the end, you’ll know all you need about China shoe sizes, Chinese shoe sizes to the US, UK & EU. Ready to get started?

What is My Shoe Size in China?

China uses a very distinct sizing system to measure the length of their shoe. However, different brands have their own variations in their size chart.

One size that fits you in a particular brand may not fit the same if you get the same size from another brand. As a result, it is wise to measure your foot length and reference the brand-specific shoe size chart.

How do Chinese Shoe Sizes Work?

Chinese shoe size stands out with its unique sizing systems that differ from other systems like in many Western nations, including the US. The shoes in China are measured using millimeters (mm). Moreover, the measurement is done in the insole of the shoe.

For example, if you find a pair of Chinese shoes with the marking “250 mm,” it indicates that the length of the insole is 250 millimeters.

Compared to the relatively broader numerical sizing used in other areas, this millimeter-based technique provides a precise method of determining shoe size.

The length of the insole determines the shoe sizes in China which is not very common in other parts of the world. Usually, the measurement is done on the length of your foot or last. This implies that you should measure the insole rather than your foot to see if a shoe would fit your foot comfortably.

To ensure a correct fit, convert Chinese shoe sizes to US sizes by comparing the insole length to US size charts. This distinction is crucial since even the identical insole length might vary depending on shoe fit and design.

Another issue with Chinese shoe sizing is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Similar to other nations, there are differences between Chinese areas and brands. One brand’s “250 mm” size label may not correspond to another brand’s “250 mm.” This disparity underscores the necessity to refer to the brand’s guidelines or the particular size chart rather than only depending on numerical size labels. (Source)

How to Measure Feet for Chinese Shoe Sizes?

Measure foot size

Measuring your foot size before purchasing a shoe is going to help you find a better-fitting shoe. Especially if you buying shoes online, the probability of choosing the wrong size shoe increases. So if you don’t want to go through return policies and try to get a refund, know how to measure your feet.

Measuring your feet for Chinese shoes is not different from other shoe sizes. However, the unit of measurement should be specific and in this case, it is in millimeters or centimeters.

For more versatility, you can even convert your measurements into inches. So when you purchase shoes from a brand that uses inches, then you won’t face any problems. Here’s a simple guide to Chinese shoe measurement.

  1. Get a ruler, a pen and a sheet of paper.
  2. Step your foot on the paper. Put your heel against a wall.
  3. Now start your pen tracing from the back of your heel to the longest toe. Keep your pen upright while you are tracing to get the most accurate measurement.
  4. Use a ruler to measure the length of your feet in centimeters.

How to Convert Chinese Shoe Size to American?

It is necessary to comprehend the variations in measurement between the two systems in order to convert Chinese shoe sizes to US sizes. Chinese shoe sizes are expressed in millimeters (mm), which stand for the length of the insole.

For example, a man’s 220 mm foot in China corresponds to a US size 5 or a UK size 4.5. Conversely, US shoe sizes are usually expressed in either centimeters or inches. For instance, a length of 254 mm in China is equivalent to a US size of 7.5.

To ensure you choose the correct size when converting, use conversion tables or the size information supplied by manufacturers, taking into account any differences in fit across brands and geographical areas.

Chinese Shoe Size to America

China Men’s SizeUS Men’s SizeChina Women’s SizeUS Women’s Size

Understanding Chinese Shoe Size

Understanding the intricacies of Chinese shoes requires knowing how they measure the shoe length and the unit of choice. China shoe sizes are measured using millimeters and the measurement is based on the in-sole length and not the foot.

Now, we are going to cover CN shoe size conversion charts for men, women & kids.

Chinese Shoe Size Chart Men

The size for Chinese shoes typically starts with 38 which is equal to 24.1 cm or 241 mm. There is no half size in CN so the sizes go up by one size i.e. 38,39, 40, and so on. With each increment of sizes, there is a difference of 0.5 cm.

Chinese Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length
Foot Length
3865.524.1 cm9 1/2
396.5624.6 cm9 2/3
4076.525.0 cm9 5/6
40.57.5725.4 cm10
4187.525.8 cm10 1/6
428.5826.2 cm10 1/3
4398.526.7 cm10 1/2
43.59.5927.1 cm10 2/3
44109.527.5 cm10 5/6
44.510.51027.9 cm11
451110.528.4 cm11 1/6
4611.51128.8 cm11 1/3
471211.529.2 cm11 1/2
47.512.51229.6 cm11 2/3
481312.530.1 cm11 5/6

Chinese Shoe Size Chart Women

The sizes of men’s and women’s Chinese shoe sizing systems are different. However, the measurement of shoe sizes is in millimeters for both men and women. There can varying differences in sizes for women in China based on what brands you are going for. Refer to the below conversion chart.

Chinese Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeFoot Length
Foot Length
35.554.522.0 cm8 2/3
365.5522.4 cm8 5/6
36.565.522.9 cm9
376.5623.3 cm9 1/6
3876.523.7 cm9 1/3
38.57.5724.1 cm9 1/2
3987.524.6 cm9 2/3
408.5825.0 cm9 5/6
40.598.525.4 cm10
419.5925.8 cm10 1/6
42109.526.2 cm10 1/3
42.510.51026.7 cm10 1/2
431110.527.1 cm10 2/3
4411.51127.5 cm10 5/6
44.51211.527.9 cm11

Chinese Shoe Size Chart Kids

The starting size of kid’s shoes in China is 22 which is equal to US kid’s size 4C. The length of the shoe for the same is 16 centimeters with an increment of 0.5 cm as you increase the shoe size.

Chinese Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeFoot Length
Foot Length

Is Chinese shoe size same as USA?

US and Chinese shoe sizes differ from one another. In China, the length of the insole is used to determine shoe size, which is commonly expressed in millimeters (mm). On the other hand, the United States has a different method. Moreover, the numbering of sizes is also very different.

For more information, refer to this CN shoe size to US shoe size chart:

China Shoe Size to US

Is Chinese shoe size same as Europe?

EU uses inches as the unit of measurement and the sizes are unisex. On the other hand, Chinese shoes are firstly measured differently, meaning, they use millimeters to measure shoe size. On top of that, the measurement of the shoe is actually the in-sole length. In addition, there are no unisex sizes in CN shoe sizes.

Is Chinese shoe size same as UK?

Chinese shoe uses millimeters to determine their in-sole length. UK Shoe uses inches to determine their shoe size. The numbering system in both of the sizing systems is also different. Chinese shoe size charts go like 35,36, 37 38, and so on. On the other hand, UK sizes go like 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and so on.

5 Common Misconceptions, Tips & Best Practices in Shoe Sizing

There are many confusing beliefs about shoe sizes. False information is have common occurrence among people who try to find the right shoe size for them. They end up getting the wrong sizes due to all the fallacies around shoe sizes. Here are the tips and best practices to follow when purchasing shoes.

1. Taking regular foot measurements

Adults should measure their feet at least once every six months to guarantee the proper fit. Growth spurts in children require even more regular measurements to make sure they are wearing shoes that fit them precisely.

2. Wear socks when measuring

Since socks might affect your true foot size, it’s best to measure your feet while wearing the same kind of socks as the shoes. Since socks are usually worn with shoes, choosing the correct size might be inaccurate when measuring without them.

3. Avoid measuring your feet in the morning

Our feet are the smallest in the morning and gradually increase in size throughout the day. If you measure your feet first thing in the morning when they’re at their smallest, your shoes can end up feeling too tight later. When your feet have had time to expand naturally, the evening, between 4 and 6 PM, is the best time to take measurements.

4. Verify return policies

It’s a good idea to get familiar with the shoe manufacturer’s return policy. This safety measure ensures you may return or exchange the shoes for the correct size if you receive the incorrect fitting.

5. Make use of shoe conversion charts

Use shoe conversion charts to convert Chinese shoe sizes to US sizes or any other foreign standard. These charts offer priceless advice for determining the ideal fit. But always compare them to the shoe manufacturer’s size chart—variations might happen across brands and geographical areas.


Finding the ideal pair of shoes in China requires knowing that millimeter measures are crucial, that insole length is more important than foot length, that brand and location differences must be acknowledged, and that the right gender category must be chosen.

With this information, customers will be able to choose the appropriate size of shoes and successfully traverse the Chinese shoe market.

If you still have any doubts about the Chinese shoe size chart or its conversion, make sure you comment below and ask your doubts. I always read comments and solve users’ queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions that you may want to know.

Q1. Does China have its own shoe size?

China uses its own shoe sizing chart to help you get a proper shoe size in China. However, you should measure your feet in millimeters to choose the right fit quickly.

Q2. Do shoes from China run big or small?

Chinese shoes have different sizes depending on the brand. So there is no “one size fits all” answer to it. Shoes in China can run either big or small.

Q3. What is the average female shoe size in China?

The average female shoe size in China falls between size 36 to 41 which is 6 to 8.5 for US Women.

Q4. What is the average male shoe size in China?

EU size 38.5 which is Chine size 40 for men is the average shoe size. However, it may change over time as China is a big country with a large population.

Q5. Is Chinese size 12 different from American size 12 shoe?

Yes, there can be variations between Chinese size 12 and American shoe size 12. Because both countries use different shoe sizing patterns. So, it’s important to refer to a reliable shoe size conversion chart to ensure an accurate fit

Q6. Is China shoe size same as Nigeria?

No, China and Nigeria have different shoe sizing systems. Different countries use different sizing systems, and as a result, there can be variations in shoe sizes between China and Nigeria.

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