Australian Shoe Size to UK Conversion Charts: A Complete Guide

Shopping for shoes can be difficult if it is in a different sizing system than you know. It’s like speaking a different language but for your feet!

When you want to buy shoes in Australia or the UK, you need to know the size that fits you best. For example, if you wear a size 10 in Australia, it won’t be the same as a size 10 in the UK. It can get a bit tricky, but don’t worry, converting AU shoe size to UK can help you figure out your shoe sizes more effectively.

In this guide, we will walk you through the Australian shoe size to UK shoe sizing systems and how you can purchase the right-fitting shoe, no matter if the shoes are from Australia, UK or the US!

Let’s dive into this together and make sure you always have the perfect fit for your feet. Ready to explore? Let’s go!

Australian Shoe Sizing System

There is nothing like the shoe size schemes used in other regions of the world; the Australian shoe size system is unique. The main difference is the foot’s length is in centimeters. Men’s and women’s shoe sizes are often indicated in Australia, and the letters “AU” stand for Australian.

In Australia, women’s shoe sizes typically fall between 5 and 12, with half sizes also being offered. Men’s sizes are available in half sizes as well as the usual range of 3 to 16.

With its centimeter-based methodology, the Australian sizing system may appear simple, but things may get a little more intricate when comparing shoe sizes across other countries. However, the US and UK sizing system at least in the size department is similar to AU.

Women’s AU shoe sizes and women’s US shoe sizes are the same. For instance, if you wear women’s AU size 7 then your size in the US should be 7 as well. The length of size 7 for both countries is 23.7 cm.

Men’s AU shoe sizes are not similar to men’s US shoe sizes, instead, they are the same as UK men’s. If you are wearing size 6 then you should purchase size 6 in your shoe shopping in UK stores.

UK Shoe Sizing System

Like many other nations, the UK has its own unique method for sizing shoes. The UK shoe size method, which is sometimes identified as “UK” on shoe labels, is based on the foot’s length in inches. In the UK, women’s sizes normally go from 2 to 9.5, with half sizes also being offered. Men’s sizes come in half sizes and range from 6 to 14.

The beginning of the UK shoe sizing system we know today dates back to the 13th century. King Edward II was the mastermind behind the UK system who introduced a measurement system with the unit called barleycorn.

One barleycorn is 8.46 mm or 1/3 inch. This unit of measurement is used to denote the length of the last. The system of measurement starts backwards from the largest UK size 13. 13 UK size is 12 inches, so 12 UK size will be 12 minus 1/3 inch which is 11.67 inches.

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Converting Australian Shoe Sizes to UK Shoe Sizes

australian shoe size to uk shoe size chart

If you purchase shoes from an Australian merchant and wish to locate the comparable size in another, you must convert Australian shoe sizes to UK sizes. The guide below is a general method to convert your shoe size from AU to UK.

However, you already know that AU men’s sizes and UK men’s sizes are the same so there is no need for conversion for men. You can use the following general instructions to achieve this conversion:

  1. Measure Your Foot Length: To get your foot length, first, take a centimeter reading. The Australian size method is based on your foot’s centimeter measurement, thus this measurement is very important.
  2. Use a Conversion Chart: You may get your UK size based on your Australian size by using one of the many shoe conversion tables available online. Usually, these charts indicate the corresponding UK size with every centimeter measurement.
  3. Consider Half Sizes: You might need to round up or down to the closest size if the measurement of your foot length is in between two-centimeter sizes. Remember that half sizes come in both Australian and UK sizing, so pick the size that most closely corresponds to the length of your foot.
  4. Take Into Account Brand Variations: There may be minor differences in sizing among different brands. Hence, it’s critical to review the sizing guidelines for that particular brand before making a purchase.

Australian Shoe Size to UK Women’s

Refer to this AU shoe size to UK women’s chart to make things simple. This chart will assist you in finding the perfect shoes that will fit comfortably on your feet.

AU SizeUK SizeUS SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
42422821.3 cm cm
53523522.0 cm cm
64624122.9 cm cm
75724823.7 cm cm
86825424.6 cm cm
97926025.4 cm cm
1081026726.2 cm
10.58.510.527026.7 cm
1191127327.1 cm

Australian Shoe Size to UK Men’s

AU SizeUK SizeUS SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
333.521922.0 cm
3.53.5422422.2 cm
444.522822.4 cm
4.54.5523122.9 cm
555.523523.3 cm
5.55.5623923.7 cm
666.524124.1 cm
6.56.5724524.6 cm
777.524825.0 cm
7.57.5825025.4 cm
888.525425.8 cm
8.58.5925726.2 cm
999.526026.7 cm
9.59.51026427.1 cm
101010.526727.5 cm
10.510.51127027.9 cm
111111.527328.4 cm

Australian Shoe Size to UK Children’s

AU SizeUK SizeUS SizeJapan SizeFoot Length (mm)

Is UK and AUS shoe size the same?

UK uses inches as their unit of measurement for shoe lengths. On the other hand, AU shoes are measured using centimeters. However, the numbering system of both shoe sizes is the same for Men.

UK Men shoe sizes and AU men’s shoe sizes are exactly the same with sizes usually starting from 5 to 12. Size 5 of AU and UK is 23.7 centimeters. The biggest size of AU and UK for men is 29.6 centimeters or 11.67 inches. So if the question, “Is UK and AU shoe size the same?” is for men, then the answer is Yes.

Women’s sizes in both the UK and AU are not the same. AU sizes are bigger than UK women’s sizes in general. If you want to buy shoes in AU sizes, add size 2 to your current UK size. For instance, if your UK women’s size is 3 then go for AU size 5.

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Understanding Australian to UK shoe size conversion is required for a perfect fit. Checking specific brand size guides, trying shoes if possible, and considering customer reviews for online purchases is key.

AU sizes with their unique measurement using centimeters are not the same as UK shoe sizes. However, the size numbering of both AU and UK are similar as we have discussed above. It is easy to convert from AU to UK regardless of your gender.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I convert my Australian shoe size to the UK size for women’s shoes?

Simply look at the conversion chart here; if you find your perfect Australian shoe size number, compare it with the corresponding smaller UK size number for the right fit. For easy remember, women’s AU shoe sizes are the same as US women’s shoe sizes.

Q2. What if I can’t find the exact matching size in the chart?

If you don’t find an exact match in the shoe size conversion chart, it’s recommended to go for the nearest size (my advice). According to my experience sometimes, half sizes may work well for a comfortable fit. It’s a good idea to try the shoes on or check the brand’s size guide for accuracy.

Q3. Do all shoe brands follow the same size conversion?

Not necessarily. Some shoe brands might have slight variations in their sizing methods because of their different styles and models. So, it’s recommended to check each brand’s size guide for accurate conversions.

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