Australian Shoe Size Conversion Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit

If you are purchasing your shoes from Australia for the first time, you might want to know about the Australian shoe size conversion chart and how the conversion works.

There could be differences in the shoe sizing system between the commonly known US and the UK. Here, I want to give you a complete guide on Australia shoe sizing conversion for Men, Women, and Kids.

By reading this article, you learn about the differences and similarities between the AU, US, EU, CN, and the UK. The aim of this guide is to help you understand your shoe size in Australia.

What is My Shoe Size in Australia?

You can visit the store and try out the shoes that you like and find the best fit. However, if you are not in the position to do that then you can also get some idea about your size from the information given below. Let’s deeply understand the shoe size conversion for both men and women.

If you are a man then your shoe size is equal to UK men’s size. Meaning, that your shoe in the UK is the same as your shoe size in Australia. So if you are size 7 in the UK, simply get size 7 in Australia.

If you are a woman then your shoe size is equal to US women’s size. The AU size usually starts with 4 or 21.6 centimeters and goes up to size 15 which is 29 centimeters.

AU women's shoe size = US women's shoe size

Understanding Australian Shoe Sizes

Understanding the sizing system of Australian shoes can be helpful information when purchasing shoes from other sizing systems like the UK and the US. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important that you wear comfortable and properly fitting footwear.

Like many other systems, the Australian shoe size method is based on the centimeter length of the foot.

Unisex sizes usually run the same as US men. In that case, if your US  Men size is 7 then your Unisex Size will also be 7. However, to convert the US Men /Unisex size to AU Women or US Women, add 2.5 size which will make the AU women size 8.5.

Australian Women’s Shoe Size Chart

There is no difference between Australian women’s and US women’s shoe sizes. So, we can say,

AU women’s shoe sizes = US women’s shoe sizes

AU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
44235.522821.3 cm cm
5533723522.0 cm cm
6643824122.9 cm cm
77539.524823.7 cm cm
88640.525424.6 cm cm
99741.526025.4 cm cm
1010843.526726.2 cm
10.510.58.54427026.7 cm
1111944.527327.1 cm

Australian Men’s Shoe Size Chart

In this scenario, Australian men’s shoe sizes do not match US men’s but are similar to UK men’s. It means,

AU men’s shoe size = UK men’s shoe size

AU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)Foot Length (cm)
333.53521922.0 cm
3.53.5435.522422.2 cm
444.535.522822.4 cm
4.54.5536.523122.9 cm
555.53723523.3 cm
5.55.5637.523923.7 cm
666.53824124.1 cm
6.56.573924524.6 cm
777.539.524825.0 cm
7.57.584025025.4 cm
888.540.525425.8 cm
8.58.5941.525726.2 cm
999.541.526026.7 cm
9.59.51042.526427.1 cm
101010.543.526727.5 cm
10.510.5114427027.9 cm
111111.544.527328.4 cm

Australian Baby Shoe Size Chart (Pre-walking)

If you are confused about Australian baby shoe sizes for pre-walkers, then refer to this easy-to-follow shoe size conversion chart.

AU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeJapan Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)

Australian Toddler Shoe Size Chart

Are you worried about buying the wrong size for your little Toddler? Refer to our Australian Toddler shoe size chart. This will help you choose the right fit for your growing child.

AU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeJapan Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)

Australian Kids Shoe Size Chart

Dear Parents, Avoid shoe shopping stress with our easy AU kids’ shoe size chart. Find the right size and keep your kids comfortable all day long.

AU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeJapan Shoe SizeFoot Length (mm)

Australian Shoe Size to US/Canada

Don’t let international sizing confuse you. Our Australian to US & Canada shoe size conversion chart makes shopping for shoes abroad a breeze. Get the fit you deserve.

AU Size
AU Size
US/Canada Size
US/Canada Size
EU SizeFoot Length
3.5445.535.59 1/8
44.54.56369 1/4
4.5556.5379 3/8
55.55.5737.59 1/2
5.5667.5389 5/8
66.56.5838.59 3/4
6.5778.5399 7/8
7.5889.54110 1/8
88.58.5104210 1/4
8.59910.54310 1/2
1010.510.5124410 3/4
1212.512.51446.511 1/4
13.5141415.548.511 1/2

Australian Shoe Size to EU

Traveling from Australia to Europe or just shopping internationally? Our AU to EU shoe size conversion guide will help you to get the perfect fit.

AU Size
AU Size
EU SizeFoot Length
3.5435.59 1/8
44.5369 1/4
4.55379 3/8
55.537.59 1/2
5.56389 5/8
66.538.59 3/4
6.57399 7/8
7.584110 1/8
88.54210 1/4
8.594310 1/2
1010.54410 3/4
1212.546.511 1/4
13.51448.511 1/2

Australian Shoe Size to UK

Use our comprehensive conversion chart to switch from Australian shoe sizes to UK measurements. You will also find foot length in inches.

AU Size
AU Size
UK Size
UK Size
Foot Length
3.543.539 1/8
44.543.59 1/4
4.554.549 3/8
55.554.59 1/2
5.565.559 5/8
66.565.59 3/4
6.576.569 7/8
7.587.5710 1/8
88.587.510 1/4
8.598.5810 1/2
1010.599.510 3/4
1212.51011.511 1/4
13.51410.51311 1/2

Australian Shoe Size to China (Men & Women)

The below international shoe size conversion chart for women and men will help you convert your AU shoe size to China.

AU Men’sUS Men’sCN Men’sAU Women’sUS Women’sCN Women’s

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Are Australian and US shoe sizes the same?

Australian shoe sizes use a similar number system to US shoe sizes. However, there is a difference in men’s and women’s shoe sizes. Women’s Australian shoe sizes are equivalent to US Women’s. For instance, if you are a woman who wears a size 7 in the US, your size will be 7 in Australia. So there is no confusion in the women’s sizing between Australia and the US.

Men’s shoe sizes in Australia are not the same as US shoes. Australian Men shoes are around 1 size bigger than the US, That means, if you wear size 7 in Australia then you will have to get a size 8 or 8.5 in the US. I recommend you ask a shoe shopper about your size and try to measure it beforehand.

The difference between Australian Men shoes and US Men Shoes is the same in the US and UK. As a result, AU Men’s shoe and UK Men’s shoe sizes are the same again.

Is the UK shoe size the same as the Australian?

The length of the same number of UK shoes is not the same as Australian shoes when it comes to women’s shoes. However, AU size and UK size for men are the same. Both sizes usually start with size 3 and stay the same throughout the shoe size chart.

Why Are Shoe Sizes Different Between Countries?

There are several reasons why shoe sizes differ from one country to another. The various measuring systems countries use are a major reason for these disparities.

For instance, although Europe uses centimeters as the primary unit of measurement, the United States bases shoe sizes on inches. As a result of this basic difference in units, a size 9 shoe in the U.S. may not match a size 9 in Europe.

The variety in size schemes employed by various shoe companies both within and between nations is another important component of this difference.

A shoe size in one brand could not be equivalent to the same size in another since brands sometimes have their own distinct sizing standards. Consumers may become confused by this brand-specific variance, particularly if they are purchasing abroad.

Additionally, size standards are influenced by cultural preferences, historical customs, and even national averages. For instance, heredity and diet may have an impact on a population’s average foot size, which may have an impact on sizing guidelines (source).

Additionally, different fit expectations may result from cultural preferences and historical design factors, giving each nation its own set of shoe sizes.

Unisex sizing can occasionally complicate the calculation even more. For overseas buyers to ensure a cozy and precise fit, it is crucial to comprehend these various elements and check shoe size conversion tables.

In Summary

Fundamentally the AU shoe sizing system is different but it is not difficult to convert their sizes to US or UK. Moreover, remember that different brands and styles may use slightly different shoe sizes.

Hence, it is crucial to consult the shopkeeper of the shoe before purchasing. This Australia shoe size guide is like a helping hand that can give you a figurative idea about the differences in various shoe sizes. To put things simply, I recommend you measure your foot beforehand or try out shoes by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are Australian shoe sizes the same as US or UK?

Women’s AU shoe sizes and Women’s US shoe sizes are the same. However, the size of UK Women’s shoe size is bigger in length. For instance, if you are a women size 5 in AU then you have to get size 3 UK. You have to subtract 2 sizes from your current AU women’s shoe size. Refer to this shoe conversion chart.

Q2. Are Australian and US women’s shoe sizes the same?

US and Australian women’s shoe sizes are different. In general, Australian women’s sizes are 2.5 times smaller than those in the US. Add 2.5 to your US women’s size to get the equivalent in Australia. Check this conversion chart.

Q3. Are Australian men’s shoe sizes the same as the UK?

Australian men’s shoe sizes are nearly identical to UK sizes, with a few small differences. So you can say that they both have the same length for the same shoe size.

Q4. How do men’s shoe sizes compare to women’s?

The difference in length with each shoe size in AU Men and Women gradually increases as we also increase the shoe size.

Q5. How can I measure my shoe size at home?

Place your foot on a piece of paper, trace around it, then measure the distance from the heel to the longest toe to determine your shoe size at home. Use a size chart to determine your appropriate shoe size based on the measurement in inches or centimeters.

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